What are some tips for forming connections with people?

  • 21 September 2022
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How do you generate connections?

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I love this question @Jessica Guthrie. I’ve been experimenting with this in my personal life and I do have some tips. 

  1. Learning people’s names and remembering them (along with a couple of their personal details) works wonders. 
  2. Ask people you meet to introduce you to other people they know. 
  3. Look for opportunities to provide value or help to others. For example, can you do them a favor that shows them you’re in their corner?
  4. Find people with similar interests. 
  5. Ask people for small favors! Did you know that when someone does a favor for you, it actually makes them like you more? Fun psychology hack :)
  6. Be true to your word. Avoid flakiness. This helps build trust quickly from the people around you.

I could go on for days about each of these tips, so if you need any more information let me know.  Once you make a connection, add them on social media! That’s when your face will be top of mind and they’re likely to accept it. Once you get a good amount of people on there, you can start engaging them through questions and content --include your GoFundMe fundraiser. 

Does anyone else in the community have additional tips? I’d love you to share them here if you do. 

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