What dreams are you following by creating a fundraiser?

  • 1 December 2021
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My dream is to find a home that I can call home. And not wake up everyday worried about how I'm going to be treated. My wish is to have furniture like a couch so I can sit on it and not this bed all the time in this bedroom.

I am excited at the idea of possibly having my dreams come true!! I’d really like to move across the country and with the generosity of others, this may be a possibility! 

What dreams have you contributed to with go fund me?

I am currently chasing my own dream with gofundme and hope the generosity of others helps.
I think this is a great platform for the great things people are working on and for those in need. To help someone really is a fulfilling and worth while venture. It takes a village...

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I love the idea of achieving dreams together with the help of others. For me my creativity is my dream and helping others with creativity, which is why my campaign is about renewing and creating a space that not only allows me to do my creativity but ill be offering a space and time to others for free a space to be creative. Like helping people create content for starting a youtube channel, or maybe being able to record music. Ill be creating a studio space not only for my own photography but for others to really be creative.

My ultimate goal on this earth is to help people. I have many plans and many ventures ahead. Due to extreme unfortunate events, my focus is on protecting our children in schools. I tried to help four years ago after the Parkland tragedy. People gave me many thumbs up but really didn’t take part. But I gained a lot of experience in fundraising. Now I am working with my children’s school, with their support, I hope to do much better this time around. We are fundraising for metal detectors and bullet proof glass to keep guns out of our schools. This should’ve been done for our children many years ago. It is sad that in over two decades and Many young lives lost this has not been a priority. It is for me! It is for my children’s school! I feel real good about the support system and encouragement my children’s school has exhibited. I won’t stop until our children are safe in school. That is my dream and I will do whatever it takes as many times as it takes to make that dream a reality! Thank you for letting me share here :-)

My dream is to pay all of the bills that I owe and start businesses for my children with the rest of the money. 

I just want to take my grandchild to Lego Land

My dream is to be able to get our oldest two kids back from my mom, we have made many mistakes in our life. Its sad to say it took us awhile to realize the change we needed to make not only for ourselves but for our kids our choices wasn't fair to them on what they had to through that last 4years we have changed our lives for the better of our kids we have 2 more kids who currently live with us and we would love to have the chance and opportunity to raise what we are needing for an attorney to make this dream possible of having all four of our kids together and see can be the family we should have given our kids in the beginning!! ❤️

Thank you!


My dream is to continually plan for anime and comic cons and similar events, and to have access to all aspects of the community including a professionally crafted cosplay set for which the latter part is my current priority. And also to help with starting up a game development business.

My dream is to be a content creator and make music and dance covers, I will also be running my first startup Art business on the side and am very excited to show the world what am capable of. For many years it's been my dream to sing for people and inspire.

Good morning, I am trying to relocate as well. I have been in this city for 21 years and it is definitely time for a change.I am divorced with 3 beautiful children.

It has not been easy due to the fact that my sister doesn't want me to make them look bad so I only have Twitter to use.

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