What dreams are you following by creating a fundraiser?

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I’m finally jumping in and pursuing my own business. I love the community I’m living in and want to provide a stronger local focus by opening a lounge that sells local products to support our small businesses and includes an event/hangout space that’s open late like a bar, but without the alcohol. Something that is sorely needed in my city! We have four colleges, which means a lot of students looking for something fun to do in the evenings. 

I’m hoping I can make this work! 

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The manifestation I will be fulfilling will be owning a reliable source of transportation that would allow me to further my career, gain financial security and stability. Which will act as a gateway to me successfully becoming a homeowner and give allow my four blessings to live comfortably. 

Luv your dream :) My fundraiser is to repair my Old Lady (2006 Hyundai Elantra). Like you, I need "reliable" transportation. Thanks for sharing!

My dream is to finally have a place to call home but not just that in a safe area for my son where we can live our lives away from the toxic town we currently are in where he battles with so much and I worry about him nonstop because of the horrible people here

I've never owned my own place not once and to be able to have a place for ourselves would be a dream come true 

Well that's it for me I get this up and going the income is the best I ever hadi have never taken my daughter in vacation I haven't been on vacation in obver twenty years this will allow me to be able to still work since I can't do the job I have done for thirty years will get me back in the working world and and I won't have to file for ssdi so the funds will help me but the soft warevi need the once I am running everyone benefits from the people I am helping through my site right up to my parents cuz them I can thankfully support them it will get me my first how's a dependable vehicle my died t have much life in it I have been homeless for two years unfortunate luck my mom got in to a horrible car accident hit brod sifeva 60moh threw her and her car through a telephone pole the unfortunate luck is she got a great big fat settlement found me and put me in to an apartment so everyone is going to be cut not just me

Ever since I was little and watched scooby doo and saw car shows I wanted a van that could also be one of the places I call home. I also always wanted to travel to see new things and be as adventurous as possible. My dream is to buy a van and turn it into a safe space for me and my friends that I may get to bring on my journeys around our world while also hopefully getting into art markets around the world to sell my art on the road because I think that would be pretty cool. Hopefully this and people's generosity can help me pursue this dream.

Dreams I am following I wouldn't say a dream but a nasessety  but yeah a dream always wanted to have my own  business take care of my self and family but this is for others and me I am holding I'm positive I have a way abetter safer way more personal way better communication better  just all around the way it should be and it will make alot of people I am positive it will ease  relax and make people happy and I have always  wanted to to make a difference  I have spent my life trying to help and make things better and  happier for there lives plus it's also a necessity I have been a builder for 30 years and because  of two back surgeries and more to come I can no longer do my job and have to find a low physical impact job soon I was frudmftrstec to no end again on how things are working out on the sight I was on I grabbed my phone I Google how to  start a web business  and  got in contact the next day piched my idea and they bought it but now I don't have the means get what I need to get started and I have no income due to just having back surgery  three months ago any way where there's a will there's a way

I think that’s amazing! I have so many dreams but right now I just wanna help my family and friends and raise money for those in need.

I’m a trucker myself so first hand experience it was for me to stay away from family just to have income. Traveling to different states risking the chance of getting corona virus. I caught it and still had to work through short checks because I couldn’t perform at my best. Therefore there is now a non profit to help truckers that just didn’t meet their quotas. Fuel prices are up but rates are low. We can’t make it out here like this so I’m gonna help every truck driver there is so we can make it a mile further. 

I’ve never been able to be myself in real life. I have to hide behind a virtual persona in order to feel like a validated person because my family dismisses my existence, just for being transgender. I want to save enough to be able to leave home and begin therapy with my partner to get to a better place physically and mentally.

I'm looking to finally chase my dream and get out of the dead end jobs.

I am excited at the idea of possibly having my dreams come true!! I’d really like to move across the country and with the generosity of others, this may be a possibility! 

What dreams have you contributed to with go fund me?

I created my gofundme for my daughter she is 36 a single mother with 3 children. She has been diagnosed with Achalasia and she was a unable to work . Are days are very hard. She basically can’t eat or drink anything. She has lost a lot of weight. She currently lives In Texas and I live in Mississippi so Im currently traveling back and forth to help with the grandkids and get her back and forth to the doctor. This is a very hard process and never imagined I would be waiting one of my kids suffer. 

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I love the replies to this thread! It has given me so much inspiration to see the different real life stories. This app is awesome. I created my fundraiser to follow my dream also. I am a self published author, and aspiring to become a motivational speaker. My current environment does not give me the energy and inspiration I need to move forward. I’ve tried everything! My dream is to travel the world and inspire others to heal from trauma and the pains of life so that they too can follow their dreams. I plan to do this simply by sharing my experiences and being encouraging through hard times. I have faith my dreams will come true! Blessings to all following their heart!

My husband and I just got married after 3 years together.  I was a single mom and he fell in love with my children and me.  His parents both passed away in the last few years and he is an only child with only 1 aunt remaining as far as family.  I work as a school counselor and do my best to support my children.  He has always desired to start his own home remodeling business and works so hard, but we are in need of support to start the business and acquire the tools necessary.  It’s our dream to create a family legacy for our children.

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I am excited at the idea of possibly having my dreams come true!! I’d really like to move across the country and with the generosity of others, this may be a possibility! 

What dreams have you contributed to with go fund me?

I am following my dreams of becoming a published writer and helping others with my stories.

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Don't give up on your dreams 

It’s going to help me bring the person to life that I always seen and wanted to be 

I wish to be a mother🥰

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My dream is to get to a point in life where’s it’s not such a struggle. I would like to spend the rest of my life without such struggles and just enjoy a simple life and finally at 62 be able to figure what I want to do with my life instead of having my life muddled and controlled by others.

I think that this is amazing for people who don't have family and alot of friends going through a hard time . I just started a GoFundMe cause of my hard times . I am blessed to know that we do have resources like this ... It's scary to think 🤔 sometimes cause right know I am having a hard time so thank u 

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Thank you for the well wishes Carly. I really wish I could help, if I weren’t in my own tough situation, I would at least flip you a few dollars. I’m hoping since I had a small habit in doing this for others, karma will come back around and help me out. I’ve been saving a few lottery tickets that are worth $5 as my absolute last chance that I can do to get myself out of this, I’m going to follow you just in case and if I win, I will help you with what I can. 

Best Wishes to you!


Hoping to become a counselor, with the ultimate goal of opening a practice. At 34rs old, I’ve already had a lonnng journey myself, through various walks of life.. I think it will ultimate translate well into relatability and being able to help others navigate through their times of need. Fingers crossed I’ll get there some day!

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Hi Kevin,

  I’m proud of you for continuing to move forward in a positive direction and I wish you all the best for all your efforts. It’s not easy to find a good therapist, especially when you don’t have the money to through around trying different ones out. I hope you learn a lot in your studies and are able to truly help many people change their lives around. Thank you for your encouragement. 😊

The dream for me is to finally be able to move out of my parents house. I want to move across the country and start college in another state, but I also need the help to do so because my parents take almost half of each paycheck so I cant really save the money through work. Achieving this goal would mean the world to me.

Just the Idea of my passion coming alive is so excited.. the overwhelming feeling of having a desire and passion stuck in your mind but not having all the resources to bring it out of your mind and make it a reality….I’m so grateful for a chance to bring some light and something Beautiful into such a dark world and time such as the one we are living I 

I’m trying to achieve my dream of being able to create art full time for work! I recently just moved in with my long term partner and would love to be able to get somewhere with it!

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