What dreams are you following by creating a fundraiser?

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I am excited at the idea of possibly having my dreams come true!! I’d really like to move across the country and with the generosity of others, this may be a possibility! 

What dreams have you contributed to with go fund me?

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I hope my daughter’s dream to become a professional Gymnast and represent our country at the competitions will come true! She is working really hard every day, she is only ten. An Fundraiser helps her to take part in competitions and buy Team uniform which is extremely expensive. But with the people’s, God’s help her Dream should come true!


My dream is to raise very little money to jump start career. I’m very excited to be where I am at today in my life. God has been so wonderful to me, I just want to be able to help provide for my son and family as well as blessing those around me and more. Thank you.

I dream of being able to start fresh with my teenage son, away from my abusive husband and leave in peace once and for all. I want to give my son what he needs as far as medications and mental health go, he's a transgender man and I love him dearly.

I hope you all get your dreams to come true. 🙏

My dream is to raise the money for my son's treatment so he can possibly be able to see again. He went blind at 5 months old and he now has the opportunity to receive a treatment in Berlin that can help him regain some eyesight. He is almost 4 and the most amazing child in the world, and this opportunity is so great for him! ♥️

I am excited at the idea of possibly having my dreams come true!! I’d really like to move across the country and with the generosity of others, this may be a possibility! 

What dreams have you contributed to with go fund me?


My dream is to achieve financially freedom. Currently, my debt is almost double my annual salary, forcing me to pay over $2,000 a month in payments, with my highest loans at 24% interest. On my own, it will take me over ten years to pay off all my debt and cost over $250,000 in interest.

I would really love to finally be able to take a vacation (haven’t taken a real vacation in almost 10 years), or make a visit to my family and not be worried that I cannot spend anything. Most importantly, I would like to address my back issues -- building disc without the constant financial fears. Doctors have tried many alternatives but at this point it seems a surgery might happen. I am really afraid of the outcome but also what it might end up costing me pre and post recovery. 

I would like to address life as it comes but also enjoy it as it goes. I am not sure how to though. My current situation has become a constant source of stress.  

My dream is pretty simple, to not be a homeless single mom, again. I had my 1st donation the other day and was so excited. Nothing has happened since. I've posted on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. I don't have the option of friends and family for help or support. Hopefully the right person sees it sooner rather than later because time is running out. Evictions sneek up so fast. Anyways. I do wish everyone luck. If I was financially in a different position in my life, I'd help as many people as possible. Pay it forward. 

Hello stay positive financial freedom is a mindset ! 

the dream I am trying for is to get some of my independence back.  right now, I am totally blind, but it wasn’t always this way.  for years, after many surgeries; I had partial vision and was able to do allot of what most people take for granted like reading print, mail, letters stuck on my front door and my favorite books, menus at a restaurant.  I could do basic things like coordinating my clothes and jewelry, cleaning and keeping my house up with some skill and traveling to and from on my own.  


I lost those abilities some years ago and it has made me feel like I am a burden to my family because they have to help me so much.  I’ve even taken to asking the mail person what the notes are on my door or getting the UPS guy to tell me if the t-shirt I want to wear is clean.  I don’t ever want to block another person’s blessings, but it would be so nice to just be able to pick up something and instantly know what it is instead of having to wait until someone with working eyes comes to my door.


So I’m praying the my GoFundMe campaign makes it possible to purchase the Envision America glasses and at least 2 years of the Aira service.  This would be an incredible miracle in my life. 

My dream is to get to my fiance in Denmark. It's a worthy goal, and it will happen. I don't really know how to share my story though, or the GoFundMe page.

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