What have you learned about yourself after facing hard times?

What have you learned about yourself after facing hard times?
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Going through something difficult and making it out the other side is not something to downplay. With every experience, you have an opportunity to build character, learn more about the world, and potentially teach others through the wisdom of your experience.


When was the last time you went through something hard? What did you learn about yourself during the experience?

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I have learned that ,I don’t give myself enough credit. I moved out for the first time in my life and I’ve never needed so much help in my life and now I learned that it’s okay that I don’t have it all together and that thing I can make things get better for myself in due time.

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For the months that we were able to make rent I thank God for it.  Times are tough, days like today hearing my wife cry are especially hard.  In March I filed for unemployment benefits.  I'm eligible yet haven't seen a cent in 9 months.  I've sold tools that were in my family for generations because I'd been reassured by KDOL in September I'd see over $10,000.  Now they say it will be Feb before it happens.    I have never filed for unemployment benefits before the pandemic, and now I'm afraid we'll never make it.  I'm several times 2000 in debt.  But, it will keep us in a home with utilities until I receive benefits.  If anything it's brought my family closer to God.  Thanks for letting me talk.

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I ve learned patients!! I've Also learned pride isn't an excuse to quit! Humbling my self for my son and for a chance at a little help ! Kinda makes me a super hero !


For the past 2 years I’ve been going through a custody/guardianship battle. April 6,2019 I went to jail for 3 months. Prior to that my daughter was 4 years old and I had full custody with no help or visitation from the father or grandmother. I go to jail, they file custody, I get out and I’ve been fighting ever since. The grandma is very well connected to the court system in her county and has made it nearly impossible for my daughter to move back with me. Over the past 2 years I went from having her a couple days a week no overnights to now I have her 7 days and the grandma has her 7 days. I have learned so much about myself during this process and it is only that that is keeping me going and keeping my heart awake. I have learned that from small mistakes comes big consequences. And although I have other children and if I was such a “threat” to my own child then why do I have my other kids. It’s been question after question in my own mind but I just ask god to guide me and give me patience to continue on.  I do have other children which makes it very hard for me to continue to keep putting my full energy into this case because I feel I’m taking from them now. Financially because I have to commute my baby to school the whole week I have her, but she attends school in another town. I can’t get a job because of the commute. I drive 3-4 hours throughout the day picking her up and dropping her off. I have had to learn to put my pride aside and really dig down deep within myself and find myself. Find my purpose. I feel my purpose is being a mommy and being a mom that I never had. I’m having to learn how to be a mom as I go because my mother didn’t show me what a good mom was. And maybe for her she was the best mom she could be but for me I grew up very poorly. We didn’t live off love and comfort. We lived off tough love, no affection, and survival. If you been through that you know exactly what I’m saying. I have learned that you can’t blame others for why things are happening. Yes I made a mistake 2 years ago and that was the first and only time I’ve ever been in trouble with the law and i feel as though that now defines my person. Which is very untrue. If you were to ever meet me I’m so down to earth, I’m always lending my hand to help others even when I don’t have much myself, my heart is so big I even forgive people that beyond don’t deserve it. The pain and struggle I go through I would never wish upon anybody, not even my worst enemy. I’ve learn and am still learning a lot more but I’m going to cut this short as I have other children and they need me at the moment. God bless you all and may our journeys bring us together and grow 🙏❤️

I find that sometimes the best way to get over my trials is to focus on serving others. It puts the focus off of what is going on in my life and makes someone else the center and making them feel loved is what truly heals me and my struggles. 

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I realize that my body is very very verrrry strong.. stronger than i thought lol. it can handle way more physical and emotional pain than i could ever imagine in my lifetime. I know that things will not get easier but i will adapt to things in time..

One of the things that I've learned about myself after facing hard times is that. When you put God in the front of whatever discussion you make and or whatever you may be facing. That you will make it and come out on top. If you go into this with a negative approach it won't help you. Go in it positive and watch and see where God brings you from. 

Going through difficult times always makes you feel like you are stuck with no way out,  but once you do get out you look back at everything you did and overcame and you realize you are stronger than you thought, tougher than you thought, at least that’s how it was for me. I am thankful for the knowledge I gained from those times, it definitely is a learning experience. 

I'm learning a lot from this experience. It has been difficult not having the father of my child in the picture anymore. I'm left with all the expenses. Tires he didn't finish paying for and they're not cheap either. I have tickets I have to pay in order to renew my license. The truck needs a new cv shaft. On top of everything my lil baby girl almost 2 yrs old is with me every minute of every single day. No help with my daughter to do the things I need to do to bring money into the house to pay bills, tickets, or repairs to my only vehicle. This experience has definitely made me stronger. Thank goodness for this fund me account

I personally have learned that no one is coming to save you , you can be in a room full of people and still be the loneliest.. I suffer depression I know no shocker there we are all going through so much I have given so much and now so so down two days ago I literally lost my cool thank god for two people that do show care they called officers out for me I almost lost my battle with myself and my life from stress .. sorry I run on sentences .. but I’ve also learned my skin is tough but my soul is soft and traumatized I’ve put myself in uncomfortable situations to make others comfortable.. always take care of yourself .. first .. 

This is a tough question to answer. Especially when you always thought you had everything under control. Being oblivious to possible problems, you always believe you can get out of it until recent.

That was me. I thought I could always do for myself and help others if they ever need, but when it comes to myself. I never allow myself to accept that sometimes it’s ok to ask for help when you are drowning. For recent times got me in a bad situation, but I am capable managing some things, yet others are out of reach. I don’t usually go out to ask for help, but now I came to the point that, “hey maybe I’m actually in need of help.” Even the strong falls and need help. I know that no matter what if I can help I will always help but now if I ever need help? I know someone out there somewhere will help me too.

I’m going through a hard time right now. My best advice is to keep doing the next right thing! Keep a positive mind set and never give up. Why would you give up and tomorrow is the day that might be your victory?

I just lost my brother it's quite fresh as far as learning how to cope with it or even deal with how angry and resentful and sadness that I feel in my heart. I really like how GoFundMe has these communities to be able to connect with others and help each other out during these hard times cuz God knows we need each other to bring each other's spirits up and to be strong. Thank you


I’ve learned that I’m a fighter I’ve learned that things in life come like a wirlwind very unexpected but you have to take the good with the bad and never give up or lose hope and always remember just because your circumstance may look a little cloudy does not mean the sun won’t shine keep fighting keep living..  ❤️ 

I've learned to keep moving and building and starting over to slow down and help things that have no sight 

I couldn’t believe it… everything happened at once ... 

sometimes you truly can never be prepared for the inevitable… 

I have read several of your lovely comments of encouragement and I am greatful that there’s a community to reach out to when we need uplifting . 

I was stabbed 8 times by someone I thought was a friend of mine…  put in the hospital with a severed artery and so much blood in my chest it collapsed my lung onto my heart. This put me in the icu for about 2 weeks not being able to breathe on my own. 
I underwent several surgery’s bypassing a severed artery, a pneumothorax with not 1 not 2 but in total 7 chest tubes throughout 2 months of my life… every time the dr’s would pull out the chest tubes “ 2 at a time” my lung would collapse... 

my entire left side shrank … I looked deformed and felt like a weirdo.. probably stunk and had constapation because of all the pain meds I had to take.. overall I had a little over 56 staples in my body and had to learn how to walk , breathe on my own , and use my left arm…  I’m going to be honest .. the last time they told me I would need 2 more chest tubes because my lung collapsed I wanted to die.. literally .. I had nothing , no family my car got vandalized and impounded , my girlfriend left me several weeks before and put my dog in a kill shelter for pit bulls . Luckily I had 1 or two REALLY good friends that actually helped me get him out of the pound. This was in 2012 and my dog has been by my side literally since.. 

his name is Gucci man and he’s taught me how much love and depth an animal can give you. He really kept me going. Exercising going for hikes being active.  
we moved to San Diego in 2013 and I met whom I thought to be the woman of my life in 2015 and had a beautiful daughter in 2017. 
It’s crazy how life can make you so low… but then If you don’t give up it can throw you some amazing curve balls. If anything of this makes sense to you … just keep fighting to be alive. Someone up there has better plans for you and things can get better. 


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Going through something difficult and making it out the other side is not something to downplay. With every experience, you have an opportunity to build character, learn more about the world, and potentially teach others through the wisdom of your experience.


When was the last time you went through something hard? What did you learn about yourself during the experience?

Even though I’m really emotional right now to stay positive, pray and keep going! Even though I have a son in NICU until next year I have 2 other kids that need me as well. I have to stay strong, Give it to god & take it one day at a time

I still haven’t finished learning the lesson to my current situation. It’s a long process and I still a lot to cover before I can say I know what’s it’s like or I’ve been there. One thing that I have learned and came to realize is that I have done a lot of harm to my children mentally and emotionally, but it’s not late at all to turn things around. That’s exactly what I’m doing, turning things around for the greater good of us four! Therapy does help and opening your eyes to reality also helps more than you may think. I’ve learned to not take things for granted and to not judge based on what you see or hear. You can’t either say that things won’t ever happen to you because you never know the person beside you may just be there to use you or cause harm to you. We have to be cautious with everyone now a days. 

I believe I have learned different things from different situations. Right now I'm learning that awful things can happen so unexpectedly. And in situations where you have no immediate family left I would hope that a person would have friends that they can lean on because some things are just impossible to get through alone.


I've learned that if you do not know that many people, you are doomed. You have to have connections and lots of acquaintances, or if you are new in a country like I am, good luck to ya. Cuz no body will bother to even look at you! Unfortunately 

I've learned to work harder and fight forward

I am still learning about myself as I am still struggling. I need to get out of the situation I am currently in. my heart is hurting, my mind is just overcome with so many things right now that if I can’t raise enough money to get out of here I don’t know what I am going to do. I often ask myself where are those who I have helped in the past? Today I am now facing being homeless in less than two weeks. The beginning of Winter here in Wisconsin. The weather is going to begin getting cold her soon, it already has been. I do have a vehicle but that is not enough for me. I am on oxygen. I have been the type of person who is humble and rather not talk about what I am going through today I had to swallow that pride, because that pride has turned into a stress that is wearing me down. A stress that is killing me or may end up ending me. I am so broken and lost inside right now. You will understand if you read my gofund me. I started to come along way from where I was pulling myself out of the muck only to be knocked back down again. To just think 2 years ago the hospital wanted me on hospice. If I end up homeless that will for sure happen. So honestly what have I learned from the struggles I am going through. I have learned I get up I get knocked back down, I get up and get knocked back down. It is like wading through a pile of really thick cow manure. I hope that I can just come to surface and meet my goal. Please help me, reach down into that manure and grab my hand. 

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I tend to fear the worst when somethings wrong and have mild panic attacks. 

Me and my mother try to do things together so we can forget about the pain and suffering we go through. We do the most to be the happiest people we can. We have learned that thinking about the bad things makes everything worse, so try to focus on the good things to make it better.

I am not alone they are people they do care I’m praying for people to understand how hard it is to ask for anything

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