Who else needs a dentist?

  • 5 November 2021
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Family I'm so desperate right now.Ive been missing teeth for more than 10 years. I reached out for help caused it's causing me not to have a social life. It's hard to make friends. I think I would not be so depress if I could get help with dental work. I would appreciate if any one know a dentist in Dallas Texas that could help me..





3 replies

I’m missing two teeth in the front my x boyfriend punch me in the mouth I know how it feels I give u respect for posting this because I was to embarrassed I hope u raise your money


Bless you Alyssia and Tamico and know you are not alone. I am very sad myself but I know good people more financially stable are out there and willing to help! I feel your pain because I am also in need of a dentist after a hit and run. I am also missing part of my nose with several fractures and herniated disk. The physical pain is fading but the emotional pain is worse. 


If anyone has any advice, referrals to dentist and plastic surgeons please reach out to help us smile again!

I have a friend from college who is a general dentist in Dallas area who could possibly help guiding you to someone who could be of more help. His name is Christopher Herrera DDS.

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