Who has a success story?

  • 11 September 2022
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HI! I wanted to ask who has had success stories and how did it start?  also what what was your fundraiser for?

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Elisa hi, I am Gilles, my GFM is active I am at 13% of my expected success but I consider this result so far a success. If you are interested about how I proceed I'll share it with you hope it will help. You must be real in your quest, then I reach out with every person I know (family & friends). I connect on social media groups (the one who allows you to post for help) many don't and they will not post, so you have to keep trying don't get discouraged. Then you have to keep posting regularly short updated in this group, and if they prefer sharing instead of donating money (sharing it's contributing). It's a consistent task to find groups. You also ask friend and family to share your GFM on the social media regularly. Thanks people when getting donations and in the thanks message ask if they consider sharing in they SM. I also send individual txt messages regularly. You have to keep people on their toes constantly and find new ways to reach out. I hope I was able to help a bit..

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