Why haven't I received not even one donation? 😖

  • 1 December 2021
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Sometimes trying and trying without results start to hinder your motivation. Looking to start to be able to get at least one donation. I have shared on social media.

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I have not received any donations and I don't know why.  I posted on Facebook and Twitter. No luck. It has been about a month since I started. Don't know what else to do. 

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@Brittney Seeley @Charles Cali it’s easy to get discouraged in the fundraising process, but it’s important to stay motivated and curious about other ways to share. To see traction on your fundraiser, try contacting 1-2 friends or family members who can help advocate for your cause. Think about the people closest to you in your life, who could potentially feel some ownership of the campaign due to their relationship to you. Those are the people you should reach out to first to ask for help.

If possible, call them or speak to them in person to share the meaning of their support. Hopefully, if they're enthusiastic, they might even be able to share your fundraiser with their own network on their social media accounts as well. This will help expand your network, so you can reach more people. It also helps to have some emotional support in your back pocket while fundraising.

After you've on-boarded a couple of fellow fundraisers, check out these posts for some more inspiration on how to get the word out: 

  1. How to get noticed without social media 
  2. Other ways to share 


I to am struggling to receive help 😞 I was diagnosed with cancer a week before Christmas and will be getting surgery soon 

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I am a 40 yo female who is looking for help due to a emergency situation. I lost feeling in my right foot and lost my job, my house and am now disabled and need help with a home, and transportation. I can no longer walk or work. I have contacted all the resources in my area without any success or support that can help me now. It's really hard 😪. 

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