GoFundMe Community Guidelines

  • 15 July 2022
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GoFundMe Community Guidelines
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The GoFundMe Community is a space where people can come together to share tips, questions, ideas, experiences, and advice. In order to keep it welcoming for all, we’ve created the rules below. These will change and evolve over time as our community grows, so please check back regularly for updates.

  1. Be kind: This is meant to be a place for productive and positive interactions. You never know what may be going on in someone else’s life, so please respond with kindness. 

  2. Search first: Do a quick search of the community to see if there’s an ongoing conversation already that answers your question. 

  3. Get specific: Make sure to include enough details about what you’re asking so others can understand. 

  4. Keep on topic: Each discussion is a conversation so replies should be relevant to the original post. Unrelated comments may be removed. 

  5. Don’t ask for donations or shares: Posts should be more than just a copy of (or link to) your fundraiser. As this is a space mostly for GoFundMe organizers to connect, asking for donations or shares is not allowed.

  6. We’re here to help: If you need help with your GoFundMe account, please reach out to our Customer Care team by clicking the green “Get Help” button in the Help Center. For general questions about how GoFundMe works, you can ask our community experts in the Tech Questions room.

  7. Uphold GoFundMe’s policies: You agree to follow the GoFundMe Terms of Service and Privacy Notice. Violation of our terms or policies may be grounds for removal, as determined by GoFundMe in its absolute discretion.

  8. Help us out: Our team is committed to making the GoFundMe Community a welcoming environment. Please give us a hand– if you see something that violates our policies, report it by tapping the three dots on the bottom right of the post and selecting the “flag” button.

Check out the How to use the community post for some helpful information on getting started.

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