How to use the community

  • 15 July 2022
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How to use the community
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Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. The GoFundMe Community is a space where people can come together to share tips, questions, ideas, experiences, and advice. 


Here’s some tips on getting the most out of the Community: 


  1. Create a connection with other organizers:  The members in this community are people raising money just like you. Root someone on by liking their post, or comment on a challenge someone is facing to show your support. 

  2. Swap tips and fundraising wins: What types of things worked for your fundraiser? Whatever it is, share what you tried with the group by creating a discussion. Even if it's a small win, you never know what piece of advice could help another member with their effort. 

  3. Answer questions and provide feedback: Check out new posts in the discussions feed to lend a hand. 

  4. Fill out your profile: Help community members get to know you by uploading an image and adding the link to your fundraiser to your profile.


Please note: posts asking for donations or shares will be removed. Sharing your GoFundMe link is only allowed in your profile, or when asking for feedback about your fundraiser. Check out our Community Guidelines for more info.


How to use the platform: 


Email notifications and other settings 

Want less (or more) email notifications? Want to add a profile picture? . 

You can make these changes by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner, and navigating to “settings.”



Within your profile, you’ll find lots of other stuff like your recently earned badges and your activity on the Community forums. Just hit the “edit” to update your information. 


Quote feature and tagging members

One way to reply to another member is by typing “@” and their username until it appears from the dropdown. Select their name to embed it into your response.  

Another way to reply to members is to use the quote feature found at the bottom of a comment. 


Using search

A quick way to learn from others is to use the search feature before creating a discussion. There’s a good chance that someone else had a similar question in the past and you may be able to find your answer easily by joining a previous conversation. 


Helping others

Want to give back? You can see who needs help by scrolling down the community homepage and checking the “Help Others” tab. Words of encouragement can go a long way here if you don’t feel comfortable sharing advice yet. 


Questions about how the community platform works? Let us know in the comments below!


(P.S. Please stay on topic with comments. Off-topic comments will be removed.)

48 replies

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Hello. My name is Bob. I'm new here. I'm not sure on how to make this happen either. I tried once before, without any luck. I am going to just follow all of the hints and tips posted this time to see if it helps. I really need this!

Hope everyone is having an amazing, wonderful, successful day!

Hi, my name is JoAnn, I hope everyone is doing well today

Hope everyone here gets their GoFundMe goal!!

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My sister used this site about 8 or 9 yrs ago to help pay for our mothers cremation/funeral, i am now trying it out for help wiht bills and a tombstone for my grandmother, So im a little lost on everything, but im hopeing to figure it out and get help ASAP lol sending love, blessings, healing light and good juju/best wishes to all those like me in need and for those thats sending them help too

Can someone help me how do I post a go hund me fundraiser on the community page having trouble 

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I just wanted to thank gofundme for letting me help other people that don't have homes food  or any safe place 

That is amazing. People like you bring my faith in humanity back up. Thank you for helping people out, most people wouldn’t do that.

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Hey @Tommy Johnson  A good way for other members to access your fundraising link is to add it to your GoFundMe community profile. To add information to your community profile, just click your profile icon in the top right corner, and navigate to “settings.” From there, hit the “edit profile” button to add info on your profile page.

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I just wanted to thank gofundme for letting me help other people that don't have homes food  or any safe place 

So precious. Thank you for being empathetic and charitable. Such a beautiful thing to see. ♥️ 

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I love that this platform exists and makes such incredible differences in peoples lives! It’s so reassuring to see so much compassion and empathy does still abide in our society. Thanks to everyone who’s a part of this. 

Just wanted to send up a quick prayer for all of us that our needs are being met. God is good all the time 💕💜💕

 Absolutely god is great all the time 

I didnt know I was replying to apost. I thought I was leaving a post. Not sure how to navigate this page. Apologize.

I didn't know that either and I hate to even ask for help but when one needs it they need it.

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Be encouraged..... trouble won't last always.

Not certain if my profile is set up correctly. The very first comment I got told me that my link wasn't working. I sure Hope I figured out how to make everything work properly. My heart started beating faster seeing comments on my post. It's the first time I haven't felt invisible or ignored in a long time. How special of the people who've actually took time to respond to ME. I can only cross my fingers and pray that I'll be worth God's blessings and love ❤️ I always tell people that one day Oprah will find me and knock on my door and tell me I won a million dollars and that I need to tell the world my story because I matter and what I went through only made me who I am today and that my life was worth living  because I was meant for the moment Oprah finally found me! (Everyone I've ever told has laughed at me, but I feel like it's gotta be the reason I'm alive...because I don't see what else is really worth living for now a days. I sometimes lose Hope and feel like I'm just a nobody. An orphan in the system. Lost soul. One of those test dummies for a human being...or the mismatched random extra puzzle piece of the puzzle of life. I don't fit nor do I belong...people just learn to accept me. Not love...but accept me...when I manage to not be a burden or annoying thing that's getting in the way.)

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Hey @Shaya Turner Your link connected to your community profile is incorrect. This is the link you should be sharing with your friends instead:

Here is a shortened version of your link, if you prefer that:

I feel the same way. Just remember as I try to do every day...  Things will get better, they have to!

Sending positivity your way.

Just wanted to send up a quick prayer for all of us that our needs are being met. God is good all the time 💕💜💕

Same to you!!🙏

Thank you

Hello Everyone I'm new to this and I'm not really sure how all this works ..I hope everyone is having a good day n evening 

Thanks 🙏🏾 😞 #NeverGiveUp

Good morning everybody just sending Beautiful blessings for all of us That are really in need of this help Trusting it will come to us 🙏 miracles happens every single  day🥰in our lives❣️

Hey everyone praying for us all.. I don’t have a Facebook seems like that’s the biggest platform for GoFundMe.

I'm trying hard to stay positive but I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

Just wanted to send up a quick prayer for all of us that our needs are being met. God is good all the time 💕💜💕

Same to you!!🙏

Thank you, and I will do the same in prayer tonight. God bless you!

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