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  • 12 January 2022
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I have been "Homeless" for a few years now. I had to learn the hard way not to allow myself to think negatively.

Most people do not recover from these circumstances. The reason however is rather complicated.

See people allow the term "Homeless" to define who they are. They get stuck in a mindset that they cannot help themselves. Although this fact may be true to an extent, it becomes your reality because you keep telling yourself what you don't have instead of focusing on what you DO have.

You have a name. You have a history. You have goals,  you wake up every day with abilities. The world may have let you down, however you don't have to let yourself down. 

Your problems do matter. Your life does matter. "Homeless" is just a designation. You are not Homeless. You are unfortunate. Fortune can be changed. Don't give up. God sees everything. Show him that you love yourself. Work hard, and in return you will be blessed. 

 God loves you. 


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