I am Invisible!

  • 25 November 2021
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I am in need of advice. I feel like im invisible.  i have a hard time asking for help ever...but then when i do (as im in tears now) i am completely and utterly invisible. I feel like I said too much, then I re-read what I wrote and it's not enough? 

My only child died leaving behind two beautiful children and me, her mom.  I was the kids caretaker (I lived with her, but I originally went there cuz I needed help/disabled (pd rent), but ended up helping her becuz she became an addict, she was high so much of the time (had to protect my grandbabies)

And my daughter's spouse is an alcoholic. When Shelby died the 3rd day before buried he was in bed with the girl I helped raise from 3rd grade till 17. 

He was drunk, she took advantage of my daughter's death.  I def could not agree with this relationship. 

It's 7.5mos later and I lived with my daughter, took care of my grandbabies, all while I'm sick/disabled (my story is there).  Being pretty much kicked out cuz of both of their guilt and shame.  Had to move somewhere temp. but this is where I'm lost.  INVISIBLE. 

Am I telling the story wrong?  Social Media is limited.  Need advice (If I'm really not invisible...) can anyone hear me?

1 reply

I am so sorry I know what feels like to loss of child

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