I'm an audio engineer with my own studio. Anyone else in the music industry here?

  • 12 January 2022
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Finding outside help to support your cause is more of an issue than I thought. Maybe I can find support in a community with my background or in the music industry. I'm an audio engineer and built my own studio and turned it into a business, as I'm only 3 years into running my studio it takes more time to become profitable to be in a position to take care of unexpected issues or in my case weather damage. 

8 replies

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Hey @Joshua Miller - that’s awesome. I love hearing about people who go for it! Would you be open to any advice on your fundraiser? I’d be happy to take a look and give you some ideas. 

Fundraising is a skill, much like audio engineering, so it can take a little while to get the hang of, and success doesn’t always come immediately. However, since your business being somewhat established, I have confidence you can make this happen with the right tools and strategies. 

yeah most definitely, I need all the help I can get. 

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Great! Okay, here’s a couple of tips worth thinking about:

  1. Exchange the image of your logo (which is awesome by the way) to that of your face - preferably in that studio. Maybe you could take one next to the weather damage, and give a thumbs down for a little humor. The reason you want to include your face is that your fundraiser will stand out to people who recognize you, especially on social media. You can always move the image of the logo down into the story. 
  2. Next, I would try to expand on your story just a bit. Is this business your livelihood? Is it your dream to do what you’re doing? What happens if you can’t get this covered? Help us understand the consequences and how much this place means to you. It might also be helpful to talk about wins you’ve had with this business. How has this business made a difference in the community and what will it mean for you to get back to work! 
  3.  I would reach out to people who had a good experience with your business, your neighbors (both home neighbors, and business neighbors) individually to help you kickstart your fundraiser. Once you’re hitting about 6+ donations, start flyering your area with your poster. Anyone who walks by might want to help! 
  4. I would ask for other forms of help within your story. For example, does anyone know a contractor who does good work, or a handyman who’s affordable? Can people who appreciate a business like yours share your page so you can continue to remain independant? 
  5. If you still need help making up the goal, it may make sense to hold a small in person fundraiser! You can bump music to attract attention or invite an artist you’ve helped to perform in person. This would take some work, but could be a fun advertising effort not only for your fundraiser, but for your business as a whole. 

awesome thank you so much, I will try everything I can. 

I am a engineering music and have my own studio also l need help installing my ios but last two weeks goin thru COVID has been depression and I lost all focus on my music. 

mjosh2520@gmail.com. feel free to send me a message.


@Joshua Moreno I sent you an email. hopefully I can help out man. 

Im a musician by trade. Im disabled now. I used to work on guitars for rock stars. I had to retire due to physical limitations. 

@Terry Dorris ever been interested in becoming a investor for a recording studio? I mainly record hip-hop, but I grew up on classical and alternative rock. I engineer for the love and passion of music which is why I built my own studio. 

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