Is anyone else raising money for college expenses?

  • 12 January 2022
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Majority of college students can relate that the finances can be difficult and hard to keep up with. I’ve tried every option down to financial aid, TAP and I feel like this community can help me and also teach me that i’m not in this alone. My mother tried her best in every shape of form and she wants the best for me and this opportunity can help me a lot so I can pursue my dream and make it all worth it at the end while she’s here and for my family. Especially during this time it has been hard for a lot of us. I wish all is well to anything who sees this. 

3 replies

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I love that you’re pursuing dance! Have you been dancing for a while or are you going to start pursuing it in school? I ask because I have a little idea if you already have some dance skills under your belt. 

I have been dancing for 7 years and would want to continue because it’s my passion, my peace, and dance give me motivation. 

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Oh perfect! Have you thought about having some sort of small recital with your closest network to help you with your fundraising? Maybe you could invite dance friends to help you fundraise for your education by putting together a dance in the park or your backyard (if you have one). It could give you a chance to collect donations in person from your nearest and dearest, which could kickstart your page. 


This can be a lot of work, so totally understandable if you don’t have the time, but it is a creative way to get people super excited about your fundraiser. It makes it fun for everyone involved and creates good feelings all around. 


Once you have your first couple of donations, it can help boost your fundraising efforts online. With fundraising, social influence plays a big role, so when people see people they know donating, it compels them to give as well! 


Other ideas is to post your fundraiser flyer at your local dance studio, or wherever you learned to dance. You can check out this page to learn how to print your flyer. 


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