Parents struggling with Christmas presents

  • 23 November 2021
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Looking for encouragement this season has been hard on our little family, have a blessed day! 

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@Bobbie Campbell I’m so sorry to hear about this type of stress.  This is a personal opinion, but I think the Christmas spirit can be captured in other ways, even better ways, besides presents. It’s all about the people you’re with after all! 

  1. You could leave signs of Reindeers or Santa, by leaving half eaten carrots, a special bell ornament on the tree (Polar Express reference - be sure to read them the book or watch the movie otherwise that reference will be lost on them). You could even leave a thank you note from Santa that lets them know what a good kid they’ve been this year. 
  2.  See if your friends have stuff they’d like to give away! Just because it’s a used gift, doesn’t mean it’s not “new.”  I wouldn’t even be surprised if you could find stuff online for cheap, or stuff at a thrift store.  
  3. Have some Christmas camera fun - - or ask your kids to become the photographer for your family photo
  4. Have a craft Christmas day to make decorations to put around your house. 
  5. Find a neighborhood that puts up lights, make the kids hot chocolate and walk (or drive) around. 
  6. See a Christmas movie every weekend, but try to keep it a fun one. My parents used to make me watch “It’s a wonderful life” every year and I’m still scarred. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie, but maybe not for anyone under 16. 
  7. Have a Christmas scavenger hunt. Just Google this to find loads of options
  8. Volunteer your family’s time. Honestly, giving back  and showing love is what this holiday is really about.



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