Thanksgiving dinner for residents of SkidRow

  • 20 November 2021
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Hello,my name is Phillip,  I love in a part of downtown  Los Angeles called skidrow. The perception of it is ground zero for homeless and mentally ill..That's true to the title and description  but there's a vague view and some narrow narrative lend to the thoughts of as well. You can definitely  say home-based or ground zero in regards to the population  of homeless and mentally ill.. Under normal circumstances, the resources for help are usually much greater as well..Its not a rogue city, it has doctor's,nurses, stores, police department near, firehouse near,the fashion district..Its more the population of people  needing the help and not enough resources to compensate...Its community help and other outside resources that helps a whole lot in keeping the community lifted in spirits and hope..


This week we're trying to put ❤️ together and give the residents some smiles and meals with a HOME IS HEART THANKSGIVING DINNER.

We appreciate any suggestions or advice and are proud to be a part of the community 

2 replies

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This is such a cool idea @Phillip Haywood What inspired it? Have you done this before? 


Hello how are you doing, ..I havent done a fundraiser to the magnitude that I wish. I have a broader vision, and the thought of it is keeping it community. Lend a neighborly vibe what is deemed less fortunate,  but some of the thoughts can be deceitful through a vague view.. There's alot heart in misery, but we don't want to call life misery.. We don't, we could even call it a stagnation by default, but there are alot of lifted spirited here, and the hope on the progress forward has came and will continue to come with the assist in humanity...nothing but positive in regards to keeping it community. I consider them my neighbors, and me theirs. "Home is Heart"

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