Tips for keeping it personal on your fundraiser

  • 14 January 2022
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Just wanted to share these two things from my experience on GoFundMe.  

When sharing your fundraiser with people directly for example via text message or email don’t just use the standard language.  Making it personal makes all the difference.  Even if all you change is a name, it will help a lot.  It’s very tempting to copy and paste the share into a text for example and do lots of these very quickly.  The problem is that when the recipient sees it and it’s not personally addressed to them it’s easy to not reply.  It’s understandable because they’ll rightly conclude it was sent in mass and you won’t care if they respond or not.  It’s well worth the time and effort to write a brief message such as this:  Hey Josh, happy new year!  Hope all is well.  Im writing to see if you’d be willing or able to contribute to my go fund me I made for a friend in need.  If not could you please share the link with some friends or family?  Thank you so much.  …Link…


Similarly I feel like it’s best practice and also more sincere when thanking people to not use the template feature whenever possible.  You could use it but add a name or personal touch on each thank you that’s sent out.  Here’s an example:

Thank you so much for the generous donation Josh!  I hope you’re doing well, have a great weekend! (For someone you know)


Thank you so much for your generous donation Josh!  It really says a lot about you that you were willing to help out someone who you presumably don’t know personally.  Hope you have a great weekend!  

Even though you already have their donation taking the time to properly thank your donor is important both morally and for your chances of getting them to share the story with friends.  

good luck everyone!

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Really great advice @Tim Scheer! I like to imagine if the roles were reversed. How would I like someone were to approach me? If it was the start of the fundraiser, and I was one of the first people giving, I would want to feel like the person was bringing me into their situation. Sort of like getting a sneak peek before everyone else. This takes more work on the part of the organizer, but it pays off once you launch on social media. 


For fundraisers where I know the person more loosely, I would want to see that some of my friends had donated already, or shared why they donated on social media. I would also need to be reminded several times, since I don’t always have my wallet on me when scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. I would also want to read about encouraging news and updates alone the way about the progress towards the goal. 

Thanks for the information @Tim Scheer 

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