What are you grateful for?

  • 12 November 2021
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Every day people are faced with trials and tribulations. Sometimes we lose hope where we feel like we are losing, when in reality we are all winners in ways that may differ from others because we can all say that we are grateful for something. Whether we are grateful every day for the same reason, or grateful each day for different reasons. If we can remind ourselves of what we are grateful for, we can appreciate life a little more. We can be a little happier and feel better about ourselves. 

I am grateful for my family and I appreciate them every day and I am thankful to have them in my life, near and far. It makes me feel happier when I remind myself of that, knowing that I too have all of this goodness in my life, which is them.They are the goodness in my life and I will forever be grateful for that! 

So I encourage you all to share, what are you grateful for today or every day?


6 replies

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I love this question, @Luanexy Maldonado.  Right now, I’m grateful for this truly delicious cup of coffee I’m drinking. It’s so smooth, and has a bit of a caramel aftertaste.

I’m also grateful for the fall weather! I love when the wind starts to pick up and you get a rush of nostalgia for the holidays and warm gatherings by the fire. 

Finally, I’m grateful for everyone who comes to this community to learn and contribute. The community is very new to our company, so each one of you who participates makes a big impact to the culture that’s developing.


I'm grateful for Coursera, weird one I know, but I've been motivated to take free classes in everything from physics to religious history. I think I actually want to go back to school for aerospace, but that's a very long ways away. I want to do it though, if I can. RICE has its own space program. Space is cool.

My wife still loves me. Life's been hard but she is still here and cares about my health both mental and physical. I'm lucky I have her. Don't know what I'd do without her. I will always be grateful for her.

I’m grateful to be alive I shouldn’t be here with the accident I had but I guess god had other plans . Losing my right leg above the knee was very traumatic and at times it still is but I push forward and I tell my story to help others who is going though the same thing we are alive we may not be 100 percent we may look different but we are here never give up and never quit!! God bless you all ..1

I am grateful For…. everything…. Honestly good or Bad. This whole exsistance thing is Fackin nutty. outright strange. The Complexity of it all.. Leaves me baffled. and i am grateful for every moment i get to experience…


@Michael Freetage- I agree with you 100 percent. 

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I am grateful to still have my Dad in my life. He has wanted to give up many times because what he is going through is a lit to handle. He takes life day by day and it may not be the life he imagined but just still being able to talk to him is a blessing. I will never take my dad to granted because this journey has shown us that you never know what will happen. 

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