What dreams are you following by creating a fundraiser?

  • 1 December 2021
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I am excited at the idea of possibly having my dreams come true!! I’d really like to move across the country and with the generosity of others, this may be a possibility! 

What dreams have you contributed to with go fund me?

33 replies

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I love this question @Alicia S! I work at GoFundMe, but I love seeing unique campaigns. We had a one a while back where a boy raised money to buy flowers for every girl at his school for Valentines day.  It was such a hit, and really showed the power of a community coming together. 


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I’m really hoping your dream comes true very soon with help of kind people! I am also pursuing my dream of going to college next semester. I only have one moth left to achieve this, but I am putting all my hopes into this. 

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I am excited at the idea of possibly having my dreams come true!! I’d really like to move across the country and with the generosity of others, this may be a possibility! 

What dreams have you contributed to with go fund me?

I am trying to accomplish my dream of being able to bury my father. He didn't have life insurance and myself and my family are having a big problem trying to come up with the money to bury my father, have a service and purchase a headstone. 


My dream is to move my 3 children by myself to across country as well. I’m a single mom and so determined to leave California so hopefully I can raise what I need to move since California is so expensive and takes all of my money. It’s really hard to save here to make the transition. Fingers crossed our dreams come true for my children and me. 

It would be mind and my husband dream come true. If we can get the help to get him here in the states.

I have a chance to walk in a couple shows for New York fashion week! Literally a dream! 

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As a new member to this  Community Discussion Group I can only offer encouragement, praise

to all of you for even trying to see if this will work!  My attitude is that nothing ventured,

nothing is gained!  If you don’t try, you will never know whether this project will work or

not!  this is all brand new to me on the fund raising front, so I am just like all of you:

Trying to learn how  to make this work for the greater good for all of us involved!

Keep on trying, don’t stop, and give up!  Your miracle could be just around the corner!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!  God speed and Peace


I hope everything work out for you 


It been a dream of my to open up my own car audio shop because I have see alot of shops charging way more then what car systems are worth and a lot of people can’t afford it and I would like to make jobs in my community so people don’t have to go out getting in trouble with the law and just help out in my community and make it affordable to the people that can’t make it a arm and a leg everyone deserve to in joy life. I just hope people understand what I’m saying we are not all rich and got money we can throw away on stuff that we want in life because we have families to take care of. Thanks Brandon 

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thank you for your  kind and generous words!  If it does not it want be for lack of trying by me

on my part!  I am still searching for ways to connect my followers to view my

ad and respond to it!  If you have any ideas please let me know!  Good luck with your “Dream

Project!  I understand how you feel for 37 years ago  (38) next month, I started FM Enterprises,

a Small  Business Accounting/Tax Preparation Firm in the year 1984!  I have been going\

ever since!  Good times, bad times, indifferent times,  and slow times.  As an Independent]

small business firm, I get the feeling that the IRS is still trying  to put all of independent

firms, that is not a national Brand Chain, out of business!  We are still here, the few of

us that are left!  Merry Christmas and Happy New year, Happy Kwanza  ETC.  God

speed and Peace for 2022.  May your Business Dream become a reality only if

you continue to work at it!


I will I don't give up easy and I want to know my kids will always have somewhere to work if they need to and that I helped out in my community with jobs and a place for kids to come and stay away for the bad places where we live here in Shreveport Louisiana 

By seeing my little gorgeous puppy Sally a stray I saved finally get the help she deser

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You sound like me some 37 years ago, when I started  my Accounting/Tax Practice Firm!

Even now when starting in a new direction of trying something else, because the old

way of doing things does not work!  You have to keep on trying and don’t give up!

Success comes to those who keep on trying, not to those who give up!

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I dream of one day moving out on my own with my kitty and maybe my chihuahua if my sister doesn’t want him to stay with her. My chihuahua loves my sister.

I'd be excited to get me and my wife out of a tent after the tornado even if it is into a camper 

By creating this fundraiser I can accomplish my dream of giving my daughter the world and life she deserves. I’ve always told myself that I didn’t want to have to see my daughter go through struggles. Growing up my parents did the best they could taking care of my huge family. My daughter was my unexpected blessing and I will give her everything she deserves.

After unexpectedly losing my job in April 2021, I was without a plan for the first time in my life and living off of very limited financial resources, which was extremely scary. The situation devastating because I am a single parent and the sole provider of my 3-year old. I felt paralyzed with fear and uncertainty for weeks. One day a friend asked me what would my dream job look like and I told her my dream is to have a career helping underserved and marginalized populations heal their from their experiences of trauma and mental health challenges to live the life of their dreams. She then asked me what was stopping me from making it happen, and I was speechless. I decided to step out on faith and create my company in an effort to help people experience restoration in every area of their lives, feel empowered about their life and the decisions they make, build a life that is in alignment with their goals and dreams, and free themselves to experience a life that allows love to flow freely. My brand new Life and Relationship coaching business is a manifestation of my dream of helping people heal, reclaim their joy, and make their dreams come true. My dream is for my daughter to see her mother thriving, serving others, and helping communities find healing. My dream is for her to see her mother living her dream life and to know that she can do the same thing, too. 

2 live another day with my kids

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I Would be accomplishing so much the dream that I to can succeed. That sometimes you just need a little help

Helping my son be able to hear again it would make me happy cause he can talk but he can't hear himself 💔

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I dream of my fundraiser making the money I need in time to provide what is needed for my family.

I just need a home. I lose mine on the 31st of December and I have tried everything. Maybe one day that dream will come true. But it doesn’t look like it is going to happen when I need it to. 

I dream of my fundraiser making the money I need to help my mom and I escape an abusive relative. I want us out of here sooner rather than later. I know it’s after the holidays and I get that. I have friends who have shared the link but that’s about as far as it’s gone...I just want to go back to the state we moved from and away from the abuse….

I am trying to raise money to keep my children’s father in their life. Covid has us out of wack with everything!

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone in this thread is able to achieve their dreams through gofundme. I, for one, am trying to raise money to start a home-based business as an esthetician so I can continue being a stay at home mother for my son. 

I believe that I am leading a dream that once existed in ancient times. I am reintroducing ancient knowledge and spreading the word to hundreds of thousands and my aim is to Place awareness on Supernatural birthrights.

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