What's your dream?

  • 13 November 2021
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Someone ask me what I would do if I could do anything. That’s easy I would take my husband on Amtrak from Chicago to northern California to see my brother and his family. Everyday I watch live streaming cams of trains and see Amtrak all over the country. I see passengers getting on and off and wish I was one of them.

We all have our dreams.


1 reply

That is a good dream!

My  dream is to buy a house. Be able to not worry renting someone else stuff and know that I have something I own.  I picked out one already. It is wonderful. It has 4 bedrooms and one of them is a guest. I know at some point my mom may need to move in with me. The bathroom is one thing that is a must I want a huge shower and a big tube. Over all big bath room. I want my bedroom to be like my kingdom.  I want to have the house in the country where there is just trees and the wild. Me my house and the wild.  I can dream!!! I know one day it will happen. I have hope and faith it that. 


You will get yours one day. Don’t lose hope!! !

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