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How do you ask people to share your GoFundMe?

Olivia L
Olivia L Staff
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Fundraiser shares are almost as important as the donations themselves, so we’ve listed some strategies to help you feel more confident when reaching out to your community for this type of support. 

Try asking for shares before asking for donations

It may be counterintuitive, but try switching your initial “ask” to a share request instead of a donation request.  

Studies on charitable giving show that the act of participating in a non-transactional way, like through volunteering, increases the likelihood of a donation. On a GoFundMe campaign, fundraiser shares are a great way to mimic the way “volunteering” can make people feel. 

The best part is, you could potentially raise 3x the amount of what you raised (on average), compared to people who don’t encourage sharing. 

Provide pre-written share messaging

Encourage your friends to include a little personal note along with their fundraiser share. This can help build empathy with their friends who might not know you directly. 

To help make it as easy as possible, you can provide your friends with messaging that they can either copy and paste, or copy and customize when promoting your GoFundMe to their own social media. 

For some inspiration of what to say, check out some share templates here. 

End your share request with a little gratitude or personal touch

It’s a good idea to leave a little note of kindness at the end of your share request. Let people know that you still appreciate them for taking time from their busy day to read your request, and that you hope they’re doing well themselves.  Ending your request with a catch-up question like, “How was your summer by the way?” or “What did you think of the championship game?” can keep the conversation feeling personal, warm, and human. 

This sort of thing can take some of the pressure off of asking your network for help, and could potentially encourage someone to participate later on when they’re in a better position to do so. 

Have you shared someone else’s fundraiser before? What inspired you to spread the word?



  • Thanks for making this post, Olivia!

    Also, it made me think of a couple bonus tips:

    • Sharing can be difficult if someone in your network doesn’t know a lot of people, so sometimes you might want to get creative with how to ask them to participate in your cause. For example, they might be able to volunteer their expertise or time, provide resources for you, or leave a kind note through the “contact” feature on your page.
    • Updates! The update feature is awesome for encouraging people who have already donated to share.
  • Great post @Olivia L . I think that ending a share request with a little gratitude or personal touch can come a long way in showing others you care .

  • Help! I'm new to the community I'm needing to share my link to the community so many they can share I don't now that many people

  • What if you don’t have friends on social media platforms?

  • Maury
    Maury Member

    Thank you for this helpful tip im new and would love to get the best help but also would like to help others.

  • I recently deleted my Facebook and that was the only social site I had so idk how to put my story out there. I'm so lost when it comes to this.

  • Hey @Ariesbabi I sent a helpful link to you in the Introduce Yourself thread that addresses this. Check it out here. If you have any trouble reviewing your notifications, let me know! I'm sure you don't want to miss any suggestions that other community members may make.

  • @Promise . The cool thing about GoFundMe fundraisers is that you don't need to have social media to spread the word. You can take your fundraiser link and share it via word of mouth, email, or even text if you need to. You can also ask your friends to share it that way as well.

  • Jules
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    @Freddiesmom0407. You may have over looked this in the rules, which is easy to do, but the community is not designed as a space for sharing your fundraiser link to spread the word, but rather a place to get feedback on your fundraiser, tips for sharing, and emotional support. We sometimes even remove posts that simply ask for donations or shares. If you need help with fundraising, I highly recommend checking out our Writing Tips room for advice.

    Check out what others have posted in the Sharing tips room to see if you relate to what they're experiencing. You can chime in to help, or even just to let people know that you understand what they're going through, and learn from resources posted there.

  • How do I share to multiple people's Facebook pages at one time. I click on fb icon and then share on friends timeline. It lets me add a name and send. I'd like to add multiple names. Is this possible?

  • Jules
    Jules Staff
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    @Kutiepiebabii I checked it out and it looks like Facebook limits you from sharing to multiple Facebook timelines at once, but there does appear to be a work around.

    To the right of "News Feed,'" click the drop down menu and choose "Specific Friends" to select who you would like to see this fundraiser in their feed.

    Additionally, you can share your fundraiser in a private message with multiple people at once, which works as another way to notify your friends.

    To do that, select the drop down at the top that says, "Share to News Feed or Story" and choose "Share in a Private Message."

    Finally, I recommend just exploring those two drops downs for all the promotion options that Facebook offers.

  • grayc2
    grayc2 Member

    I’ve been trying so hard to get my GoFundMe me out there. I don’t have social media friends that would support and a lot of people I know are judgmental of me being a single mom with no help. Are there other sharing alternatives?

  • @grayc2 I'd recommend checking out these two posts for more ideas on how to fundraise without social media:

    1. How to get noticed without social media
    2. How to spread the word if you don't know many people
  • Hello I’m new to the community and really trying to help out my nephew with autism and his father

    JAMIE M Member
    edited August 29

    Hey everyone! I'm Jamie Meckley and just started a fundraiser for my dogs.i don't have any social media and am desperate. I've been reading g your posts and am grateful for all the insight. How can I meet more ppl that help with getting the message out there? Thank you also I am having g trouble posting my video thanks!

  • Hello I’m new to the community and really trying to help out my son with autism

  • Hi, I’m Ella , I opened the fundraising for my little nephew who fighting with cancer! Actually English is my second language, but I read all technic that you guys said and try to do it correctly,But the result is not good enough. I trying to save a life. I’m really appreciated if you help me on my fundraising.

  • Thank you for the advice. And yes I still shared someone story before because I really felt they were sincere it was from the heart. God bless you and enjoy your day 😇🙏❤

  • Hi I have c e not shared fundraiser before but would like to learn how and would like my fundraiser shared . Any advice will be very welcoming. Thank you

  • god bless everyone for listening to my story and hopefully this helps others with my condition to be back normal

  • Jules
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    @Blessed 1 The best place to share your fundraiser is directly with your friends and family. With crowdfunding, most of your donations will come from people you know, or people your friends know. Once your friends have donated, the next thing to do is to ask them to share your page with their network. The tips in this post should give you some ideas on how to get started.

  • @Jules Thank you so much . I'm going to re -try that.

  • @Blessed 1 Sometimes it takes a couple of times. Usually people have to see an advertisement for a product about three times before they purchase. Promoting your fundraiser on social media is similar. People might not be ready to donate the first time they see it, but the more it's put in front of them, the more likely they'll click to check it out.

  • Idk why but it’s super hard to get donations but I won’t give up because this is something I want and need.

  • What if you don’t have social media? Do you ask to share on here?

  • @Loving mother The GoFundMe Community is a place to share tips and ideas. It's made up of other organizers who are also fundraising, so it's not intended to be a place to share your fundraiser link. Most of your donations will come from people you know, or people in your neighborhood or community.

  • I’m sorry I didn’t know I’m new here don’t know the rules

  • Hello everyone, I’m new to this and just wanted to post my link and story in the comments, I’m 6 months pregnant and not able to work any longer due to health problems, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • I’ve tried all of the above to gain donors, but to no avail nothing or no one seems to care enough to donate!! I need help! Please give me the best strategy and advice you all have… it’ll be greatly appreciated!!