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What to include in an update post

Updates are an important part of the fundraising process. Your donors want to hear about the impact their donations make, and to stay in the loop on new developments with your cause. They’re a great way to recognize people who have contributed, or to show gratitude for how far you’ve come. Taking advantage of the update feature to ask for additional donations and shares may even help your fundraiser gain some extra momentum. 

Here’s a few different update messaging strategies worth trying:

  • Calls to action (share requests, donation requests, or resource requests)
  • Ask donors a question and let them know they can follow up privately through the “Contact” button or publicly by donating $5 and commenting their answer
  • Milestones (include photos and videos if you can)
  • Call out the weekly top supporters through updates
  • Update donors when you receive a deposit of the funds, so they know their money is safe

You can learn more tips about writing a fundraiser update below!

What about you– have you posted an update lately? What type of update did you do?


  • Nancy
    Nancy Contributor

    I have been thanking donors through the app individually, but not publicly. I just wasn’t sure if people would feel ok with that, but I know that you all suggest it.

    Do you all have examples of how others thank their donors publicly?

    Also, if people donate outside of GFM, do you mention them in the update too?

    Here is my link - I could really use help with improving my updates.

  • Jules
    Jules Staff

    Hi again, @Nancy! I responded to your great product feedback before reading this message. ;)

    And yes, that's a good point. Not all donors would want to be called out in this way, so it depends on your audience and how many donations are coming through. One way is to send a generic thank you, rather than calling out a specific donor. Usually this is good to do at a milestone, like 25%, 50%, or 75% of your goal, to both show appreciation and keep your fundraiser in your supporters' minds.

    You can also tag a quick thank you at the bottom of an informational update, like your most recent one. Something like, "Thank you all for your support! We could not have made it this far without you. We still have a ways left to go, so if you have the heart to lift a bit more of the burden off with another donation or another share to your network, we would be forever grateful!"

    @Project Open Paw You're an update pro! Do you have any suggestions for how to best utilize this tool during the fundraising process?

    Check out his fundraiser here @Nancy -

    If anyone else has some ideas, please don't hesitate to chime in on this thread!

  • Nancy
    Nancy Contributor

    @Jules , Thanks for sharing @Project Open Paw with me. Reading his updates helped me see how I could ask for shares and donations to cover further needs without feeling too pushy. I really appreciate it!

  • Glad it helped, Nancy! Best of luck on your campaign! 🐾

  • I am able to walk down a flight of steps and I'm gradually working on how to walk-up a flight of steps with my cain. I am truly grateful to all of the donations I received, thank You All....

  • Hello everyone, I have a Head injury (TBI). A friend of mine helped me to create this go fund me account to help my Mom with her house. I think we may have missed out a few steps. It is difficult for me to read without getting nauseated, but I am trying and doing my best. Can someone help me to adjust my page to be less pictures and give more specific information.

    I will also have someone read the update method and get right on that as well. Thanks for all your help. Have a fantastic day.

  • @Nats Will You guys did a great job on the fundraiser! We won't be able to make any edits directly to your page, so if you need help with adding information or removing photos, I recommend messaging the Care team through the help center. You can do that by clicking, "Get help" at the bottom of this page

  • I have tried repeatedly looking for help that I’m now desperate begging for it. I am a single parent of 3 whom recently lost my mother whom was the only family , support , and person I had. Losing her I lost a home , car , and more finding myself needing help with how to reach out for much needed help for burial arrangements and extended the link by asking for a jump start on regaining my losses. I’ve posted on 4 different social media’s , multiple times a day , everyday. I even direct messaged people and I find 32 donors after continus posting for two weeks now has me at a dead end and not even a dint was made in my goal to reach for help on laying my mom to her burial wishes to a new start with nothing. Please someone help.

  • @Kassi New I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. I know this may not feel this way, but you've done a great job at fundraising using our site so far. GoFundMe is often a supplement to a solution, but it can be hard to cover the full cost of your needs through it alone. That said, there are some things you can do to get a bit closer to your goal.

    One thing I noticed is that you haven't made use of the update feature. Using the update feature, you can encourage people who have already donated to give again, alert donors of how your funds have been used so far, and what you need to cover next. For more ideas on how to utilize this feature, check out this help center article on creating powerful updates.

  • We raised almost half the needed amount in the first day, but then things slowed down a ton the second day and now I’ve had no donations in over 24h. I’ve been sharing the link everywhere I can think of and asking every donor to do so too, and I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible in my updates, but now I just don’t know what to write. I’m panicking because as great as it is that we’ve raised as much as we have, it’s not enough to do what I need to- my cat needs surgery. So here I am watching him suffer and doing everything I know to do, and feeling like I’m failing him.

    Is it my updates, the way I write? I am autistic and sometime the way I communicate is very different from what non-autistic people expect. Is there anything specific I can change? I try to be brief but that is extremely hard for me.

    if anyone can help that would be great. I’m struggling not to fall apart.

  • Jules
    Jules Staff
    edited October 14

    Hey @HelpNorm - I'm so sorry to hear about what's happening with Norm! He sounds like a great pet. I know you're not quite completed on your goal, but I wanted to say kudos for how much you've raised so far! You've done an excellent job on your fundraiser.

    At this point, I'm wondering if you can talk to the vet about doing installments for the procedure, so that would give you more time to raise funds. One of the ways to raise money is to circle back to your original donors during the next month, and ask for a followup contribution.

    Another option is to do an in person fundraiser by inviting your dearest friends over to your home for a small gathering with Norm to chat about how to reach your goal. You could do like a "cat cafe" style event, and serve coffee or tea with Norm on your lap, while you brainstorm with your friends about anyone they know who might be able to help.