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Need feedback on your GoFundMe? Use this thread to help improve each other’s fundraisers.

Jules Staff
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When you’re ready to share your story, we recommend assisting your editors by clarifying what you think is most important for them to focus on. Here's some ideas: 

  • Spelling: It’s always worth having a second pair of eyes. Computers don’t catch everything. 
  • Tone: What emotion are you trying to elicit from your audience, and does your writing coincide with that? 
  • Clarity: Is it obvious why the funds are being raised, who they’re being raised for, and who is withdrawing? 
  • Length: Brevity is usually key for audiences of today. The story should cover all important details without overwhelming your audience. 
  • Formatting: Make sure it’s easy to parse through your story. Appropriate Bold, Italics, and Headlines aid your readers. 
  • Imagery: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 

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  • Thanks Ron! We're really hoping that folks end up finding conversations like this valuable. Thanks so much for being here! Really been appreciating all your insightful input.

  • ECV
    ECV Member
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    Could you please give me some advice for improvement? Thank you!

  • Jules
    Jules Staff

    Yes! I'd love to help you out here.

    Great job setting the stage with your attention grabbing story. I feel a connection to you right out the gate, even though you had a very different upbringing than myself.

    One thing I might add before your background story, is a short blurb at the top that summarizes what you're raising funds for, why it's important to you, how the funds will be managed, and of course, your request for donations. Some visitors to your page might not have time to read through your entire post, so it's crucial to keep the most important at a glance information at the top.

    If you edit it again, let me know! I'd be happy to take another look for you.

  • ECV
    ECV Member

    Thank you for your feedback, Jules! I truly appreciate it. I have taken your feedback and made some changes. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!!

  • GaryG
    GaryG Member

    Hello! I am new here. I need pointers on what message and purpose I should convey to my readers. Shortly, i am fundraising for small business, Beekeeping. I also intend to eventually get into agriculture, flower sales, potentially livestock but i'm starting simple. Beehives, and then greenhouse cultivation.

  • ellis
    ellis Member

    Hi Gary! Do you have a link to your gofundme? Might help so we can give advice.

  • GaryG
    GaryG Member thanks for the reminder. This is the link to my fundraiser.

  • ellis
    ellis Member

    Thanks! One thing I'd recommend is to break up the text into different short paragraphs. Like...

    "Hello! I am a United States Marine. I do not make enough to start a business on my own. It has been an interest of mine that began with gardening to be a Beekeeper.

    I would love to start a small business in beekeeping. My time in Cuba was where I found a wild beehive in the cliff side boulders against the ocean shore. This excited my old hobby into a reality that I should not just study Apiary but become a Beekeeper and change lives.

    I believe in community farming, gardening, and so much more with one's neighbors. It would be my dream to raise some startup money and put in my own work. The things I will invest in are the beehives themselves, supplies, tools and equipment, PPE, Ideally, sooner than later a parcel or acre of land to plant my hives on, build a processing station on the property that is more than a mere shack, and last but not least, Honey Bees!

    I would like to start a business for my family to enjoy some day. All of my family loves gardening and outdoor life. I am so capable as a strong hardworking man. I know my passion and enjoyment in this field will aid me in creating a business."

    Maybe also add a few more pictures at the end of your story?

    It looks like you don't have donations yet... one thing that works really well I've found is starting off with messaging friends and family first, with a personalized message. A lot of times people can ignore just a link that appears on their facebook feed or whatever, but will pay attention to a personal and heartfelt message.

    best of luck with your endeavor

  • Kristen
    Kristen Member
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    I would like help with getting my story heard or even looked at!? Ive been sharing alot but I get alot of people that want to much of my information or they're asking for fees for them to donate. I feel like I was being fooled & too good to be true. Ive been sharing my story for almost 2months now, and still haven't received anything. I still believe most people have a heart to donate to my real life story. I shared to twitter, FB, instagram, tik tok, Snapchat, ect. I just dont know what Iam doing wrong with mine. PleAse Help..

  • Ashley
    Ashley Member

    Could I get some advice on my story please? Unfortunately I've been fundraising for my husband's treatment costs for about 3 years now and so the momentum has gone way down. I feel like getting the word out and getting donations is nearly impossible at this point but right now it is most crucial. Any advice on improving my story would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Jules
    Jules Staff
    edited May 27

    Hey @Ashley - You've shared an internal account link. To provide the right link, you will need to click "Share" from your fundraiser Manager and then "Copy link" to share it with us.

  • My fundraiser has been up for over 2 weeks! I haven't had not one single donation, and very few shares!!! PLEASE HELP!

  • Jules
    Jules Staff

    Hey @Shae Copeland I read through your story, and man have you been through the ringer! I'm sorry to hear about all that's happened, but I hope you will be able to raise the money you need to get back on your feet.

    You did a great job story - I have nothing to add there. What I do recommend is for you is to add a photo of you with your children as your main image, and then insert the current photo below the story. This will help your fundraiser stand out on social media, where people my scroll past a photo of a burning building, if they don't take the time to read the share message.

    The meat of fundraising will come from sharing your fundraiser with your friends, family, and acquaintances. For your first couple of donations, you will want to do this through personal messages. Let people know that you need help to get over this life hurdle. Once you get your first 2-4 donations from your closest relationships, then you can start sharing more widely to your social media.

    You'll also want to encourage your friends and family to share with their own networks to spread the fundraiser as far as possible.

    Give these tips a try and be sure to let the community know if any of them work, or if you learn anything along the way. We're all in this together.

  • Kristen
    Kristen Member

    I need the same help for mine ! Mines still hasnt reached any donations! I keep it posted and updated. Im sorry this wasnt any help for you, Iam just struggling as well with my 2 girls! So if you get help please help me out with ideas.

  • Cris G.
    Cris G. Staff

    Hi @Kristen posting an update was a great idea. This recent discussion about how to write a fundraising story might be helpful for you. One thing that tends to help is letting people know what the money will go for, and why you picked a certain amount to raise.

    You might also want to look at your fundraiser title and making sure it feels descriptive about what you're raising money for. For instance, "A better home for Danny" was a successful campaign on our platform with a title that worked well. We’ve noticed that titles with four to eight words make the most money, so would keep it simple but descriptive.

    We also had another recent discussion about how to get the word out if you don't know many people, which might help. Even just getting that first donation can make a big difference and help others feel more comfortable donating.

  • Kristen
    Kristen Member

    Thanks for your help....Im going to try that most definitely! That means so much

  • Hi everyone. I’d like some feedback on my current campaign. Aside from reaching the financial goal, I would like to elicit excitement in sponsoring not only the kids, but the sport as well. Any feedback is appreciated.

  • Cris G.
    Cris G. Staff

    Hi there, welcome to the community. Your GoFundMe looks great! You did a really good job of explaining everything concisely and clearly. My mind goes to thinking about what types of creative sharing techniques you could use– are there any local fishing clubs or adult tournaments, that might have connections you could reach out to? Maybe some local Facebook groups for anglers? Seems like targeting adults who are invested in the sport interested could be helpful, framing it as helping the next generation of anglers.

    This discussion, How to spread the word if you don’t know many people, has some great general tips about ways to share.

  • Thank you, for this thread!

    Would you give me some feedback?

    Thank you!!

  • Jules
    Jules Staff

    Hey @JillBostonGirl - I thought you did a great job on your fundraiser story. I especially liked how you itemized what you needed. If possible, I would put down monetary estimates for how much you need in each of those categories. This will encourage people to donate to something specific, for example, someone might donate $80 to cover your electricity.

    Doing this, gives donors a feeling of making an impact directly through their contribution. The other recommendation I would make is to add a photo of you and your family as the main image, rather than a quote. Your faces will stand out on a social media timeline in comparison, which should result in more people viewing your fundraiser.

    Finally, the most important part is to share your fundraiser several times with people you know. For more sharing strategies, check out this discussion room.

  • Serina
    Serina Member

    Hi I could really use some advice on my post , httpsps://

  • Jules
    Jules Staff

    Love your story @Serina. It's a great dream to pursue! There's a couple of tweaks that might help you get more readers. The first one I would make is to separate your story into smaller paragraphs, which makes it easier to read.

    The next thing I would do is add more detail about how the $50,000 will be used. Will you be attending a program, or will this be to help you pay for a location to start your business? These questions are essential to transparent for your donors to know what they're giving their money to. I would also move this information up to the third or fourth sentence, since people have shorter attention spans and might not make it to the end to read what you're fundraising for!

  • I am desperate and need help… is there anything I should change or how to spread the word to get help. Please help!!!

  • Greetings all!!! Here is my link Please give it a look and HELP! Any and all advice is welcome. I will literally do whatever I can to try to get people to actually pay attention and possibly help..... I just want a home again!! Again I welcome all constructive criticism!!!

    Thanks a bunch.


  • Dramirez4751
    Dramirez4751 Member
    edited June 24

    Please give this a look thank you! We appreciate it!

  • Jules
    Jules Staff

    You've done a great job on your story @Tara Watt. The only thing I might adjust is to add a photo of someone's face for the main image. People look at faces at higher rates than other subjects, so it's a good way to get your page noticed on a feed.

    The next thing to do is to focus on sharing your fundraiser with the people in your life. You've already done a great job raising your first couple of donations, so the next thing I would do is focus on encouraging those individuals to spread your fundraiser further or focus on sharing to social media. Here are some social media templates that you might find useful to make that happen.

  • Jules
    Jules Staff

    Hey @Dramirez4751. I took a look at your fundraiser and I wanted to share a couple of tips that could help bring your fundraiser to life. You've done a great job at explaining the situation succinctly. I would just add a couple of more pieces of information to help persuade donors.

    1. I want to know a bit more about who you are. This can be short, but something that introduces you to the reader will help further humanize the story.
    2. Add a photo of your family as the main photo. You can be standing in front of your home if you would like! Maybe a photo of you guys sitting at the dinner table or in the living room.
    3. Is $27,000 the minimum amount you need? If you can get by with less, I would list a smaller goal. You can always raise it later on. Smaller goals help to motivate donors, since they feel like their contribution makes a greater impact.

    Once you've edited your story with those changes, I would focus on sharing your fundraiser with your network. Check out this article on how to raise your first donations to help get you started.

  • please give this a look, I would love the help!

    thank you for taking time to do this as well!