Can you take a look at my fundraiser and let me know if anything is missing?

  • 10 January 2022
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I need help. I've shared my fundraiser but no donations have come in. Can you please take a look at my fundraiser and let me know if I'm missing something?

1 reply

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Hey @Nicole Pedelose You did a great job with writing a descriptive fundraiser title and including an image of yourself. I do have a couple of suggestions for your story to help make it more clear for your visitors. 

  • I recommend adding some punctuation between sentences. At the moment, it looks like a big run on sentence, and it can make it more difficult to read. 
  • I would include the following information:
    • What it would mean for you to reach your goal. How would your life change?

    • Explain how you arrive at your goal

    • What happens if I don’t meet my goal

    • Ways people can help if they cannot donate at this time

  • Start sharing with one to two close friends that you know. If you can, try to include more than just your fundraiser link. Commentary and context paired with your link can make all the difference. 

I hope some of these tips help! If they do, please circle back to let us know. I’d love to hear about the progress on your fundraiser. 

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