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  • 15 December 2021
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Hello all! I'm Stella, I'm 40 and live in NH. I am desperate to get my go fund me out there. I had a Stroke 1 yr ago and have been unable to work.  I'm on my 2 appeal to attempt to get Disability. Meanwhile over the past year my husband has had to work 90+ hrs a week to try and keep us in our apartment.  My 18 year old son is a Senior in HS and works a part time job to buy groceries. My 20 yr old daughter had to come home from college be because we could not continue to pay our part and is also working to help. I have to watch my family struggle as the loss of my income was enough to destroy us financially. My husbands body Is in bad shape. He is a mechanic so its very physical work. He works a regular job and side jobs and its taking its toll. We have no family to help, no where to go, nothing left to sell. We are at the end of our rope. Either we get help to cover expenses over the winter or our family splits up to sleep on friends sofas and our belongings go in storage. We need this help to survive.  How do I get this out and get help? Someone please give me advice. 

Thank you,


8 replies

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Hey @Stella Faircloth I’m so sorry to hear about the stress you’re going through! Asking for help was just the thing to do. With fundraising, the key is spreading the word through your family and friends by sending your fundraiser link to them through email, text message, phone calls, or through social media. Once your close contacts have given, you can ask them to share your fundraiser to help spread the word further. 


On social media, you can tag friends to ensure they see the post, write a call to action or engagement question to get people involved, and ask your friends who have already donated to comment on the post so that it will be surfaced to the newsfeeds of more of your friends.




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I checked my Ad on yesterday, and found out that 10 persons had

viewed my  ad but had not responded to the request!  I have 661 followers and 500 plus

connections on this site under my name/business name.    I also have 127 views of my

profiles and 19 persons read my recent blog post about December Birthday person

in which I am one!  I responded to those 10 persons who viewed my Ad request by

asking them to donate to a worthy cause, and tell others about this so they will do

also!  My question is how can I reach those 661 followers and 500 plus connections

with my Gofund  Ad  request?  I am open to all suggestions!  Thank you!

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One idea is to tag people or to message them directly in a DM. I would start with connections that you’re the closest to and work down from them. 


You’ll also want to make sure your story is as compelling and persuasive as possible. That way, if  you successfully drive them to your page, they’ll be moved by your story and wind up donating or sharing your page further. 

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I do have a small group of “followers” that I deal with on a constant basis of   shared interest!

I may consider doing this!  Any other ideas on this subject would be welcome!  Thank you!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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@Frank McKissick I do have a couple! I checked out your fundraiser and I wanted to make a couple of small suggestions. 

  1. I recommend adding a photo of you, maybe in your workplace, as your main image. The business card image is not as engaging as a photo of a human (although you can move the business card image to the story if you would still like to include it).
  2. I recommend editing the spacing on your story. Right now, it’s a little wonky and makes it hard to read. The sentences are broken up and the sentence gets interrupted. Below is what I see from my side when I look at your fundraiser. 
  3.  I recommend why you say your cause is so important to you, not only what you’re raising money for! This is the most “persuasive”part of a story usually. 
  4. Finally, be sure to reach out to people directly who you’ve helped with your business or who you are closely before broadcasting more widely to LinkedIn or other social media. The first donations help to build trust on your fundraiser so you can raise money from people who might not know you as well. 



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I appreciate your response and I have a response to your response!  I recently check my Ad

on my   Account and I discovered that I had 38 views of my request but no

deposits to my account!  I thanked the viewers and ask that my consider donating any amount

and that would be appreciated!  so far nothing!   Also, I am using the Main location of

the Public Library in my city as an office on the third floor that is currently being used

for meetings,  counseling, clients meetings and work stations!  I have not had an

office, per say, in 25-30 years as the building was in in my downtown was converted

from offices to condos!  I was in that building for at least 25 years prior!  Since I

I don’t have an office , how can I take a picture of me working at my station in the

Library?  Also If you would consider re-writing my GoFundme  Ad and show me

what it would look like to draw that  attention to get financial response donations?

All help would be appreciated!  Thank you and God speed and Peace!


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Hey @Frank McKissick. That’s great that you’re getting views, now we just need to convert those views to donors. If you don’t have an office, that’s okay - but an image of your face will make more of an impact than that of a business card. I would see if someone might help take a photo of you, even if it’s at your library. In fact, I think that would make it every more charming. 


I’ve rewritten your story to help give you some idea. You don’t have to use what I wrote, but feel free to! 

Hello! My name is Frank McKissick. I proudly own and operate a 38 year old small business accounting and tax preparation firm, called FM Enterprises. Over the years, I’ve helped many clients save money and stay organized with their finances. It’s brought me great joy seeing the differences I can make in their lives, and I continue to work hard at it as the years have gone on. [feel free to elaborate here with another sentence or two. What does it mean to you to run your business?]


Since the start of my company nearly four decades ago, the accounting business has changed dramatically... and it has continued to change. It’s gotten more and more difficult to be as nimble and competitive as the market requires,  and so I’m reaching out to my community to ask for a hand of support to branch out and find new opportunities for my expertise. Without some sort of intervention, I worry that [what will happen if you don’t raise the funds?]


In order to keep up with the pace, I’m looking for $8,000 to set up a new marketing program, which consists of [How exactly is this money being used and how do you know that you will likely get a return in a year?]. The additional exposure from this marketing program will provide a quick return and will allow me to stay afloat, no matter what the future holds. 


 So for anyone who’ve I helped in the past, or anyone who likes to support small businesses in their area,  please consider donating to help me keep up with the big guys. With the money, I will be able to remain independant, and support myself for years to come. 


Additional ways to help! [some of these are just ideas]

  • Share my fundraiser with one friend who cares about small businesses! 
  • Share my business during tax season to people who need support, or people who want to find savings
  • Hire me for work! 
  • Come get coffee with me and chat!
  • [any other ways you think they can help, Frank]


I am embarrassed how can I ask for help? I work enough too keep some where too live and pay my bills I need too pay within my home I am just trying a way too get help because I am stressed out never had run ins with the IRS and I don’t have extra money and I am scared they will only start garnishing the money I do have any advice please share with me greatly appreciated.

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