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  • 10 January 2022
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I've had my fundraiser up for over a month my father passed and we don't have the money for the memorial or funeral and I was wondering how to share or what to do to get at least one donation and we're having trouble with the rent as well my mother and my sister and my brother I am the oldest and nobody is helping

5 replies

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Hi @James Waples I’m so deeply sorry for your loss.

Before we dive in, I see you have two active fundraisers: & - can you tell me which one you’ll be editing and sharing with others?

I'm sorry I apologize about that I fixed it it is the one with the three photos

And thank you for the condolences we greatly appreciate it

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@James Waples Thanks so much for sharing that. First, I’d recommend adding a bit more detail to your story. You can check out this post for more information on what to include:

Adding a few more personal photos of your father and family and some fond memories could also be a nice touch to help memorialize him. Doing so might also help potential donors feel a personal connection to your cause. What sharing methods have you tried so far? Here’s a few posts I recommend taking a look at to see some ideas on where and how to share your fundraiser as well:


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