What can I do to get the donations that are needed?

  • 4 January 2022
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My granddaughter is in Houston (heart specialists are there), we live in San Antonio Texas. It’s hard to travel, and she has 4 other siblings. We are not getting the help we would like, and maybe there is something i need to add? Your help would be greatly appreciated. 

3 replies

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@Rebecca Rodriguez I’ve connected you to another member in the community who is also looking for advice. Check out the conversations here. 

thank you so much @Jules .  hoping to get some momentum going here.  Is there a time or dates to wait before sharing again on social media platforms?


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That’s a great question! I recommend posting your fundraiser around lunch time (when people go on their phones), or at the very end of the work day.  You will want to share very regularly - at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes it takes people a couple of times before they donate since folks might not have their wallet on them, or they’re low on funds at the time they see your post.  



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