Advice: Treat fundraising like a job

  • 6 December 2021
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I’m just throwin’ this out there.

We’re out here, in a sea of thousands of other campaigns, all with the same goal - earn money for a cause we believe in. We’re here asking friends, family, open their virtual wallet and pick our cause to support above all others. We’re out here trying to earn money for something we feel passionate about. We gotta treat this like any other job. Maybe more than any other job. Maybe THE job...because it’s personal.

I think it’s uncomfortable for most people to ask for help...especially in the form of money. That’s why these links and donate buttons are so great. We setup a campaign, post a link, ask for Likes and Shares while really hoping for Clicks and Donations. It’s a tough thing I think. But we gotta do it. And what’s the worst that could happen? So not everyone clicks the link, or some people actually say hard pass… So we keep pushing on until someone says “Yeah. Yeah I get that and I support it. Here you go.” And when that moment comes? It’s awesome.

If you’re having a rough time, don’t give up on your cause. You’re here for a reason - and it’s likely a personal one. Believe in your cause. Keep a positive face and be sure your passion (not desperation) shows. If you believe in you, others will too. You just gotta find them.

We’re here trying to earn money for something we believe in. And in order to earn money...we gotta put in the work. Probably harder work than most other jobs we’ve had.

Believe in your campaign. Show your passion. Others will join you.

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@ninbroken52 This is excellent advice! GoFundMe provides a lot of tools to run a campaign, but organizers are really at the heart of the fundraiser. It’s their drive, passion, and influence that helps to get the rest of us on board to donate or join their cause.  And because of that, confidence in your fundraiser is super important. We all need to ask for help sometimes!



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