Any helpful resources for infertility and health insurance?

  • 12 January 2022
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Hello Go Fund Me community I’m new and need some help on sending out my story . take a look at my page and give me some advice about infertility , health insurance options, other practices. Thank you 


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Hey @JJones I found this article which listed some potential options for affording IVF, including some grants or getting a loan.


On our site, I do have some recommendations for you. I would start by replacing the main image with that of your face. Faces stand out on social media, where the current image may be a little confusing to people. It’s a bit hard to register what you’re looking at until you read through the story. You can move this image into the story if you’d still like to keep it - it is very much a part of your story! 

Next, I would talk more about why building a family is so important to you and how this situation is preventing you from living out the life you want to live. I know, it can seem obvious when it’s happening to you, but fleshing out these details will help people understand how impactful their donations will be for your future. 

Finally, you will want to start sharing your fundraiser via social media, email, text, and phone calls to let people know what’s happening. Focus on getting just your first donation, since it’s an attainable goal and will fuel your energy to chase more. 


I hope this helps - good luck! 


Thank you for that information 

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