Any suggestions on how to improve my campaign? Thanks in advance.

  • 18 October 2022
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2 replies

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Hey @Maria Gallegos  I’d love to give some tips. 

The first thing I might do in your story is jump in a bit earlier to what you’re fundraising for. The way the fundraiser is written, it sounds like you might be fundraising for an organization. It takes some time to get to where you’re explaining your personal relationship to this topic. 

After you say what you’re fundraising for, I would say why helping to relieve this burden means so much to you. I would try to keep it short and sweet if possible. Try to avoid large paragraphs of text. Most people have short attention spans nowadays!


Check out this post for what to include: 


Next, I would include a photo of you. Check out this post for guidelines on choosing one that will stand out on social media: 


Finally, I would edit your title to align with what you’re fundraising for. For tips on selecting a title, check out this post here: 


After all that, you’ll need to share your fundraiser repeatedly with your friends and family to help keep it top of mind. 

Hi @Maria Gallegos , honestly it's very lengthy and looses your attention. Cut it down, start with what you are trying to achieve. 

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