Hi, could someone review my fundraiser and give feedback please

  • 18 October 2022
  • 5 replies

I tried to make it neat and vulnerable but if anyone has had success with a fundraiser similar to mine and has any suggestions please let me know!

5 replies

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@Brima Conteh I read through your fundraiser (https://www.gofundme.com/f/pay-for-travel-for-a-sickle-cell-patients-trip) and my only thought was– what is the Texas Thespians Convention? Explaining that a bit and how much it means to you would be a nice touch to add to the story. 

You can learn more about what to include here: 


OK thank you, I think I fixed it now

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Looks great @Brima Conteh! Nice work. 

By any chance can someone or can you see if I did this right or can you help me get my word to the right community of support..I'm stressing for Melissa so she is not on the street . And in the cold weather now that it's in 37°

..and I been helping with food but can't help at the moment until I get working again which is like a couple weeks from now

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@Mike Millard I don’t see a main image on your fundraiser so I’d recommend adding one. Here’s a post with some ideas on what to include there: 

I’d also try listing out your expenses and explaining your goal amount of $700 a bit more. Donors might have a better idea of how much to contribute to your cause knowing that information. 

Lastly, with crowdfunding, most of the donations will usually come from people you know by sharing your fundraiser directly with them. You can check out the video in this article about how GoFundMe works for more tips on how to get the word out. 

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