How do I drive more people to my campaign.

  • 10 December 2021
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I was looking for advice on my campaign, and pointers on how to drive more people to my page. I don’t have much friends, or family to help. I have posted in groups on facebook as well as to twitter. Most of those groups seem to be filled with trolls though just looking to make fun of people looking for a hand. Happy holidays! 

4 replies

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Hey @Justin Webb welcome! To gain some momentum, I would try a couple things:

  1. With crowdfunding, most of the donations will come from people you know. If you have a smaller network, the best way to spread the word to people you don't know, is to ask the people you know to share. 
  2. Include a bit more detail in your story. For example, how did you come to the $20,000 goal amount? Detailing how the donations will be spent could help build trust with your donors. Check out our post on how to write a fundraising story for some more tips on how to improve the story portion of your page.

When it comes to sharing, here are some more helpful posts about how to get the word out:

How to get noticed without social media

How do you ask people to share your GoFundMe?

Other ways to share

Thank you for the advice @Olivia I adjusted my campaign a bit. 

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Hi! I was very lucky to have a old co worker of mine share it with my old co workers and its been working so far for me. I even put my campaign on my Instagram...hope this helps

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