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  • 20 December 2021
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I have shared to all my social media.  I know donations can come from family and friends, however it’s embarrassing to do that and knowing that they don’t have much more to spare.  How can I cast a wider net?  I’ve seen the other threads on this and it seems everyone is having the same issue.  I see donations going to John Q Smith for his dog Rover to get an operation, but Jane Doe who’s homeless and needs funds to get a place to live nets zero donations.  I’m really confused by this…..  I need some solid advice.  I’ve exhausted other avenues.

3 replies

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Hey @Susan Freeman You’re correct that this is a common issue. This is because with personal fundraising, most donations will come from your personal network. Sometimes strangers will donate, but it’s a rarer event. This is why you see some fundraisers that get tons of support for a cause that might not be as dire as another. It all has to do with who the organizer knows. 


Now, not all fundraisers fall into this. Some people find a way to tell their story that captures a wider audience. They also might be extremely prolific, creative, and thoughtful with how they share their page. This is important to keep in mind when you are managing your fundraiser. Your power is in the ‘pen’ so to speak.


I read through your story and I do have some ideas for you, which I’ve listed below. By the way, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’ve gone through. No one should be put in that position!


Here are some ideas:

  1. I recommend using an image of your face. Humans naturally react to faces, so it will help more people visit your page if they see a full human there.
  2. I recommend using a more specific title. The current one acts a bit like a catch all, which I understand, but I would recommend choosing one or two things to fundraise for, which is more compelling to a donor. 
  3. Finally, I recommend adding a little focus to your story. In its current state, it can make the reader feel overwhelmed along with you. It does build empathy, but it could also chase some potential donors away! What we want them to feel is incredibly empowered instead of hopeless to the situation. To do this, aim for one or two things that you’re fundraising for, as well as what it will mean for your life to have these solved for you. 

Below I’ve provided an example edit of your story, so you can get an idea of what I mean by my last point. Feel free to use whatever you like!

Hi, my name is Susan.  Four years ago I lost my partner of 20 years. Due to his illness, I spent time caring for him instead of working.  This was fine up until he passed away and his family decided  to take his money and run.  I found myself in a horrible situation financially after the fact, as I tried to fight my case in court. This resulted in a bunch of attorney fees, but no payout because common law marriage was not recognized in the state I was in. 


Since then I’ve returned to working as a nursing assistant. The pay is poor, although apparently good enough not to earn me government assistance!  This has put me me in a bit of a lurch because I can’t afford to catch up on my bills. What’s worse is that I don’t even have enough money on hand for a deposit to switch to a cheaper living situation, which would also help relieve me of this financial burden. This leaves me in a precarious position where I may actually get evicted after everything I’ve been through. Yikes! 


With your help, I know that I can prevent the worst from happening. So please, I would appreciate any help you can give to help me get out of this situation. Anything helps - really! 


Thank you so much for reading my story. It means the world that you took the time. 


For folks who can’t afford to donate, I understand! Money can be tight this time of year. I do however, have some suggestions for other ways you can lend a hand. 

  1. Share my fundraiser, along with a personal message, with one person you know. The personal message can make all the difference
  2.  Share any online resources for rent or utility relief that I may have missed. You can email me by clicking the “contact” button on the fundraiser. 




I'm not sure I'm the best person for advice. Last time my friends and family gave up a whole 000 on my fundraiser. I was deeply hurt. My dogsran EVERYTHING to me  and not one person cared enough to help. That's why I'm so afraid to ask for help, I'm afraid that I'll find out just how little I am to everyone.🙁

Thanks guys reading the comments helped me understand a lil bit better. follow me facebook and check out what i got going on everything uncut raw real life talk J.M.THOMAS is the name positivity is my game plan to win in life so check me i go live every other hour daily if not every hour cause i have life changing experiences all day long i consider them a blessings in everyway and im not ashamed to talk about them im a lil rough around the edges though but im working to be a better person everyday so bare with me again thanks for great advice maybe i can return the favor once u check me out😎i just wanna do better and be better for my family and be overly prepared for when my mico premature baby gets healthy enough to come home💯😎Once again thank u all💯 

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