How to ask for feedback from the community

  • 2 June 2022
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How to ask for feedback from the community
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It’s helpful to have extra eyes when creating your fundraiser. You can make it easier for members to review your page by creating a discussion that includes your fundraiser link with details about what you need help with.

Here's some ideas: 

  • Spelling and grammar: Is there anything that autocorrect didn’t catch?  

  • Clarity: Is any information missing from your story? Is there any extra information that distracts from the story? 

  • Convincing: Does your story hook your audience early on? Does it build empathy with your reader?

  • Formatting: Is it easy to read? Did you use bold and italic fonts to make parts of your story stand out? 

  • Imagery: Does the image help tell your story? Is it easy for others to tell what they’re looking at? 

  • Title: Does your title describe your situation? Does it capture the reader’s attention?

If someone does review your page, please let them know you received their reply. Otherwise they may worry that you never saw their response! 


Want to help another member by giving feedback on their fundraiser? Check out this post for tips on getting started.


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