How to get my fundraiser noticed

  • 5 January 2022
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Hi, I'm new to all of this and I'm looking for some help. I've shared my fundraiser through social media with no luck. I'm a little embarrassed asking for help, but I don't know what else to do. Are there other places I can share? My dog has severe epilepsy and needs an MRI. Some advice would be appreciated!


8 replies

I wish someone would have answered your post! Im out of options as well!

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@Bethany Castle One idea that’s worth trying if you’re raising money for your pet is to create a collar with the GoFundMe link attached. You can also just strap a sign to his back. That way, when you’re walking around in the neighborhood and someone comes to say hi to your dog, you might have an opening to talk about your fundraiser. 

I'm looking to get my GoFundMe page notice cause I really need help getting a vehicle to get to work

Hello I'm trying to learn how this works. And praying someone can help me with the process, Do too an bad pedicure I end up losing my toe and haven't been able too work no unemployment. I have ended up homeless with my son I'm trying to get any information that can help

Omg I’m stuck!! I’ve never done this before and it’s not really as easy as everyone say. I’m desperate trying to get me and my babys a vehicle. We been through hell past few days trying to find stability. Not we need alil help with transportation!! Or maybe just some friendly advise for a single mom trying her best alone!


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Hey @Alexis Wilturner and @Lele  This post may help. It lists several different fundraising options that are worth trying. 

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong with my fundraiser? I don't understand why I am not going a hit, comment or anything.  I was going to add something else to it because I need some more help but I don't know if I should seeing how I have gotten NO help at all yet.

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@Angela Pierce Are you sharing? The key to fundraising is to reach out to people you know and see if they can support you with your cause, or if they would be willing to pass your fundraiser link around on social media, or in person to people they know. 

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