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  • 12 October 2022
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Hello everyone! I am very new to any sort of crowd funding. My siblings and I created a GoFundMe for our mom as she is currently 2,000+ miles away being treated for Chronic Lyme Disease. She was just recently diagnosed with this disease that has been damaging her body for several years. We launched and shared the page on Sunday around 12:30pm. Over the last few days we have reached over 10% of our goal. This is amazing and we are so very grateful! 


However, we are still facing 90% of the treatment cost. How do you keep a page going/draw in more donors? We are just afraid of a plateau. 


Thank you for any and all suggestions!

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Hey there @kreed406 This is a great question. Momentum is all about staying on top of your audience’s consciousness while inspiring them to want to help you continue you on your goal. Usually a mixture of positive updates, conversations about current challenges, and moments of insight are great ways to bring them back into your story.

I would also try to think about everyone you know and try to figure out what strengths they might have to support you. Not all heroes give money. Some give their expertise, some can provide connections. It’s up to you to have the conversations bravely with people to figure out where they can fit into your bigger picture. I’ll give you an example, I have a friend who is pretty guarded with their money. They’re not exactly generous financially. They also have a small social network. 


But, what they do have is an eye for photography. So, I tell them, hey I’m thinking about running a fundraiser and I need you. Specifically, I need your expertise. Would you be open to something like that? Most often people are incredibly flattered if you feel that you’re tailoring your ask to them. Then very often after someone contributes in that way, they feel loyalty toward your cause and they may donate or share your fundraiser when before they would not. 


When fundraising, I believe the focus shouldn’t just be about raising money. It should be about using all one’s resources to find ways of activating your network to help. Personalize the fundraising experience to each person you know until they’ve banded with you to make your vision a reality. 



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