How to offer feedback on someone’s fundraiser

  • 2 June 2022
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How to offer feedback on someone’s fundraiser
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Telling your fundraising story can often be intimidating. One way you can help another community member is by reviewing their page and sharing your feedback with them. 

How to offer feedback: Tell them something they did well, as well as something they could improve on. Be mindful that someone may be going through a tough time, so please be kind with your feedback.  


Common areas where people need help:  

  • Spelling and Grammar: Look out for common mistakes like missing punctuation and misspelled words. It’s always worth having a second pair of eyes. 

  • Clarity: Is it obvious why the funds are being raised, who they’re being raised for, and how the money will be spent? 

  • Length:  We usually recommend covering the important details within the first two  paragraphs. Look out for run-on sentences or unrelated details that may distract from the story. 

  • Formatting: Make sure it’s easy to read through the story. It can be helpful to call out any large blocks of text or missing headings.

  • Imagery:  Does the image capture what their fundraiser is about?


Sharing some encouraging words is also a good move when editing. A little bit of empathy can go a long way during the fundraising process. 

Browse through the Exchange fundraiser feedback discussion room to find people looking for advice on their GoFundMe. 


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