I need help. I've shared my fundraiser but no donations have come in. Can you please take a look at my fundraiser and let me know if I'm missing something?

  • 9 January 2022
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Hello, I've shared my fundraiser to as many Facebook groups relating to gofundme as I could. However, I haven't received any donations. I'm so worried, I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Could you please take a look at my fundraiser and let me know what you think? 


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Hi @Caitlin Provencal have you shared your fundraiser with anyone you know? Aside from those Facebook groups? Remember that with crowdfunding, most of the donations will usually come from people you know by sharing your fundraiser link with them. 

I also took a look at your page and you’ve done a great job with it! A couple suggestions: 

  1. Break up the text by spacing out the paragraphs and adding 1-3 more photos that are relevant to your cause. Pictures can add a personal touch and can help potential donors relate to your story.
  2. Lower the goal amount to something a bit more reachable to start, and break down exactly how the money will be used. Doing so can build trust and might encourage donors to give once they know how much of an impact their donation can make. 

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