Kind of a time sensitive fundraiser

  • 10 November 2021
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Hello everyone! I just created a fundraiser for my sweet dog. I’ve shared it with as many people as I can think of, and shared it publicly on my Facebook. Any tips on it? I’m hoping to get some help fast. I tried saving the money for her on my own, but I’m out of work right now. So these procedures have been put off for way too long. Thanks everyone.

2 replies

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Hey @Laura Blackburn, welcome! Your fundraiser looks great. 

One suggestion I have is to use the update feature a little differently. Updates can keep your donors informed, but also inspire them to keep giving or to share your cause with the people they know as well.

Here’s a few different update messaging strategies worth trying:

  • Calls to action (share requests, donation requests, or resource requests)
  • Ask donors a question and let them know they can follow up privately through the “Contact” button or publicly by donating $5 and commenting their answer
  • Milestones (include photos and videos if you can)
  • Call out the weekly top supporters through updates
  • Update donors when you receive a deposit of the funds, so they know their money is safe

You can check out this post for more information on what to include in an update post as well: 

 Lastly, including some more photos of Daisy to break up your text would be a nice addition! 

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 Lastly, including some more photos of Daisy to break up your text would be a nice addition! 

@Laura Blackburn I really hope you’re able to get Daisy’s health taken care of.  What @Olivia suggested on adding more photos would really help too.  When I saw that face I just had to donate, I know that got you to your goal but I’m sure there are more people willing to help if you get the word out.  Look at my puppy (I left a pic of him on the fundraiser comment) or his IG: Jax_the_Deer.  Daisy really reminds me of my dog.  Have a great weekend!

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