Looking for advice since I'm cashed out and have big expenses

  • 9 January 2022
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I am not a person that opens up and asks for help. I have always kept my problems to myself and felt with them alone.

But this week has been completely horrible for me so I have to try anything I can.

To start off with I am dealing with the death of my oldest son. He passed away this past Tuesday and I am preparing for his memorial today.

Early this morning I find out that my wife fell down the stairs and fractured her foot badly and needs surgery.

She is currently living in Mexico and we don’t have insurance there.Without cash for the surgery they won’t do anything. She is at home in pain now.

We have been trying to get her to the USA and getting her there is the first step we took.

I am cashed out and don’t know what to do

It is hard for me to ask for help and I don’t have friends to help me.

If you could give some advice as to how to get this going it would be greatly appreciated.

2 replies

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I’m sorry to hear about all of that @David Daniels. That’s a lot to manage for one person all at once! 


You did a great job on your story, but I would try to replace the photo of your wife’s foot with a photo of you and your wife (if you have one). I would then put the fractured foot photo in the story. This is because images of human faces tend to stand out on social media, or wherever you share your fundraiser. 


Next, you will need to start reaching out to people individually in your life. I would honestly do phone calls or text for your first couple of donations. This will allow people to have a conversation, so you can talk to them about what’s happening, and they can ask any questions they have right then and there. Once you’ve raised your first couple, I would then start asking people to pass your fundraiser around to see what kind of support you can get. If you wife ‘s family is in Russia, you can still share the fundraiser with them. We accept donations from all over! 



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Need help paying bills. Com low income relief. Com salvation army and catholic charities and united way can help too Commoncause.org gets you all senator representatives congress and governor they have all the information on help in your state 

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