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  • 7 November 2022
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So go fund me used to be able to have platforms where I can pay for them to go post it all over. I can't find anything like that. I posted my friends Instagram and Twitter but that's all I know. For some reason my misunderstanding was that this page would help get me to some other pages. And I posted it in groups on my Facebook.

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Hi @Bonnie Loving welcome, and sorry if there was any confusion. GoFundMe doesn’t have services where you could pay for social media reach. 

You may want to check out our Help Center article about Recognizing common online fraud schemes and suspicious emails.

It talks about watching out for: 

Offers related to your GoFundMe fundraiser:

If someone you don’t know is offering something that sounds too good to be true, proceed with caution. Some examples include offers to:

  • Run your fundraiser (especially for payment)
  • Withdraw a fundraiser's donations on your behalf 
  • Guarantee reaching your fundraiser goal in exchange for a service fee
  • Offer a large donation to your fundraiser if you pay a transfer fee
  • Offering to share your fundraiser with a large social following for a service fee


As far as getting the word out about your fundraiser– posting on Instagram and Facebook are good ideas, and a lot of people have good results with reaching out directly to family or old friends via direct message or text.

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