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  • 11 January 2022
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We are in the process of launching our project that will target both individuals and businesses to raise money to then purchase land in the UK which we will then rewild.

Our aim is to return as much land as possible back to its natural state firstly to allow native wildlife species to flourish and secondly to combat climate change.


This is NOT A TREE PLANTING SCHEME. Those are not the best thing for the overall ecology and are massively used to improve businesses reputations instead of actually doing what is best for both animals and the environment.

We are so passionate about this project and long term hope to then educate the next generations buy allowing schools and universities use of the land for free for any reason they see fit.

We basically want to absorb as much information as possible to use this platform effectively. We are aware that there are huge numbers of nature lovers who would be really interested in being a part of this project and we just need to reach as many of them as possible.

Any information on how to maximise the effectiveness of Crowd Funding would be greatly appreciated.


Ed Jackson 

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