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  • 19 October 2022
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Was wondering if someone could read over my gofundme and tell me if it's good or if it needs something

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Hi @Jelani Wilkins, here’s my thoughts:

  • I’d recommend adding a more personal main image that helps donors feel connected to your cause.
  • This sentence is really long: “The only issue is the amount, with the fact that it's down-payment assistance we were going on were only at a 275,000 buying power we spoke to the lender today and found that out but we also found out the only way we can get a higher amount is if we get taken off down-payment assistance and pay the down-payment we've been trying so hard to get into this since renting has been basically out of reach not only with my credit but the amount that rentors and apartments are asking for along with the amount they want you to make.”  Try breaking it up a bit. It was hard for me to understand it reading through so others might be feeling that way too. 
  • I’d recommend reading through our post here for more tips on what to include: 


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