Please help with looking over my fundraiser

  • 10 October 2022
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Hi My name is Nailah and I am seeking assistance on getting the word out to more people.  Thanks in advance for your feedback! :-)



3 replies

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Hi @Nailah Ingram, welcome to the community!

Just to confirm, are you looking for tips on ways to get the word out, or feedback on your fundraiser? Your fundraiser looks great and there’s not much I’d change. I’d just suggest posting some updates to keep your donors in the loop and to ask them to help you spread the word about your cause.

Let us know how you’ve gotten the word out so far and we can provide some other ideas if you’d like. 

Hi @Olivia !


Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.  I was looking for both actually.  I was looking for ways to help get the word out.  So far, I’ve posted on social media, sent personal emails and text messages.  I currently have a thought to put a flyer together and possibly add a code where the person can scan and go directly to my page and donate.  I will just pass them out in parking lots, events, etc.

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@Nailah Ingram creating a QR code and sharing your fundraiser that way is a great idea! We actually have this article that goes over how to do that too if you’re interested.

Since you’ve already shared on social media, you might want to also check out this article about some ways to share outside of your social network as well: 


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