We would appreciate advice about our campaign please.

  • 22 September 2022
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Hello community,


Well, it’s been an interesting journey to get to this point of finally launching our GoFundMe campaign.  Aumani Boutique is a new brand that is dedicated to giving back to those in need and directly working with them.


Now, this is all new to me and I would appreciate comments about how the campaign is setup.  The video takes a needs-first approach, rather than a product-first approach.  I don’t want to be pushy and am going for a “soft-sell” to introduce people to the brand and products, after you see what we’ve been doing.


Please take a look at our campaign here:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-launch-our-brand-support-those-in-need  


I am grateful for any advice and support,

Thank you.

5 replies

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Wow, so cool @Aumani Boutique. I can see the love and intention that you put into your fundraiser, and I look forward to seeing it grow. 

I do have some suggestions that you could consider incorporating.  

  • Put the “ask” front and center. While reading through your fundraiser,  it took me a little while to figure out what you were specifically raising money for. Because attention spans are short these days, jumping right into why you need money and how that money will make a change is helpful for conversions.  
  • This goes for the title. Get specific if you can. As a business, if you know any copywriting principles (sales writing) it’s worth applying them to the title for the highest impact. 
  • Offer other ways people can help. Donations aren’t the only thing important to a campaign. Regular promotion is also important. For context, it can take people about 7 times of seeing an advertisement to start paying attention. That’s why all the big companies are always posting their name everywhere. They don’t care if you don’t like it, cause you remember it. 


With causes like yours, social media is extra powerful. I highly recommend building your audience on those platforms so that now and in the future, you’ll be able to use your audience to supercharge your fundraising. 


If anyone else has any tips, please feel free to chime in here. :) You can also let Aumani know what you liked about their campaign to send a little love. 


Hi @Jules , thank you for the feedback,


After a brief introduction I added. “This fundraiser aims to help us launch our new brand, become a sustainable resource for our philanthropy efforts and release our first product.”


As for the title, I’m not sure how else to change that. Isn’t it specific enough?  Suggestions welcome.



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I might say, “Help launch our social impact (or whatever descriptive word works best) brand, Aumani Boutique.”  Once people click on your fundraiser, they can learn that by supporting your business, they’re also supporting those in need.  



Ah ok, how about “Join Our Social Impact Brand: Kickstart Our Launch” ?


More power words.

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YES. Love that. Feels like you mean business. 

Don’t forget to ask people to share your page as well as donate. It’s often a big part of the online fundraising process. 

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