Went to the ER again today...

  • 18 October 2022
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I hate when I get asked if I have Medicaid...once I say yes then all of a sudden I'm getting suggestions to go to some doctors only insurance will cover...not THE DOCTOR that I actually NEED in order to get one surgery done that will fix my problem and not a bunch of little procedures that only my insurance can cover for now and the whole run around crap. I kind of feel stupid for thinking a GoFundMe could help raise money for a good doctor. I don't know anyone and my biological family are strangers to me and my mom just passed away this past month and I'm going through my 3rd eviction now in less than 6 months...I can barely have the energy to wake up to walk my puppy once a day. I feel so weak and hopeless. There's no way a nobody like me will be blessed with random acts of kindness or donations. There's more important and more worthy situations and people and I just thought I would try putting myself out there and ask for help...but now I feel like this wasn't what I Hope'd it be because I haven't got one donation and I don't even think my link is set up right on my page. Very lost and not feeling great today. Gunna lay down and sleep until tomorrow night. I'm drained 😪 😴 😩 

2 replies

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I’m so sorry to hear about the difficulty you’ve experienced @Shaya Turner. That’s a lot for one person to handle. GoFundMes in this situation can be difficult because it takes a lot of energy to fundraise. It’s not impossible, but it can be taxing emotionally for some people. 

If you would like to pursue crowdfunding, it’s a good idea to start with people you know. They don’t have to be family, but they can be people in your life who you have some sort of connection to. This could be previous coworkers, friends, classmates, ect. Anyone who you’ve developed some sort of a connection with are potential supporters to your fundraiser. For ideas on how to approach them once you’ve decided who to reach out to, check out this post here.

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That sucks @Shaya Turner I know even the best insurance will try to weasel out of covering. We are a number in the system.  But dont give up. Sometimes help comes from places we don't expect. My donors so far have been people I didn't expect. I have seen other be successful at reaching their goals I have faith that we can too.

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