What am I doing wrong? No donations yet.

  • 16 November 2021
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I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? I’ve updated the story, rewritten it and now it doesn’t even resemble what I had originally on there. I’m still not getting donations and I’m at day 26.





3 replies

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@nikkilamp I would try removing “I'm not good with writing this but I'll try“ from your story. Showing confidence to your donors right away might help them be confident in your cause too. Also, including how you came to the $10,000 goal amount and breaking down exactly how the donations you raise will be spent (in a list form) could make your cause more clear, and help potential supporters understand how their donations will impact you.

When sharing your fundraiser, are you asking others to help share your cause too? If not, here’s a helpful post on some tips to ask others to share your GoFundMe. Even if they can’t donate, a share can go a long way. Here’s a couple other articles I would suggest checking out to improve your fundraiser even more:

  1. How to write a fundraising story
  2. Best practices for your fundraiser title
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I’ll do those changes. And yes I have asked everyone I know and when I share this online for others to share it. I’m trying here hard and not doing good. Thank you Olivia.

I'm in the same boat,  but did just read another to that I will try. I hope it works. 

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