• 18 November 2021
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Can I use an alias name?


My family are old fashioned and it would bring a great deal of embarrassment on myself and my family if I was seen "begging" so to this end was planning on targeting my fundraiser to churches and corporations rather than friends, for some friends may take offence if I was seen asking for help, it could be like it was when Jesus was crucified, when the crowd said, "he can save others but cannot save himself"! 


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Hey @Jim sultan, we get where you’re coming from and asking for help definitely isn’t easy. However, it's best to use your own name. Promoting transparency and trust between you and your supporters is important in order to gain support . And, donors tend to feel more comfortable donating to a fundraiser when they know exactly who is running it and in charge of the funds. This also provides them with a main point of contact to come to with any questions. 

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