Balance & Bank Transfer Help - I am very confused

I wonder if someone could help me with this.  I have raised £1,475 (after fees) of which £309.46 is still processing.  Yet my balance shows as £0.00. I have had an email to say that my bank account and withdrawals (daily) have all been set up and verified. Yet my page shows that no transfers have been scheduled and my balance (as said above) is £0.00.  I am so confused.   Can any kindly soul explain what the status of my raised funds is and when it might be transfered.  Thank you so much.


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@Sarah Louise Ewing I see a balance available now. Your other incoming, recent donations are just going through the verification process, which is completely normal. The funds will move from "pending" to "available" usually within a couple days from the donation date, which can depend on the card provider. Once the funds become available, we'll automatically schedule a transfer, and you'll receive the money in 2-5 business days.

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My smartphone is smarter than me. I had a lot of trouble posting two other fundraisers

Yes I have a balance but it's showing 0 dollars to trAnsfer. Why? Help

I need help please!!

I can’t seem to set up my bank account for my funds..

Says they have sent me a verification email for me to transfer my funds..

No emails..

Says my donations will be sent back..

I don’t know what to do do!! Can anyone help me please??!! Thanks

I am trying to transfer my funds and it is showing I have $0.00 to transfer even though I have raised money. 

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Hi @Sherry Henderson I’ve created an email ticket for you with our Customer Care team. They will be able to help you out with this.

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@Sydney Melton I see you added a beneficiary on your fundraiser, so Helen has access to those funds now and will be able to transfer them to her own account. Here’s a link with more information on that:

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I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma and what you're going through some very hard. The only advice I can offer is keep posting find Facebook and Twitter and Tik-Tok. Post everyday several times and go fund me is the best

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It takes several days for funds 2 show up in your account. Keep checking but make sure you go through GoFundMe to set up your account.

I have raised money , but when I try and transfer it , it tells me this "These donations are still moving out of the donor’s bank account" and I'm not able to withdrawal... help please.

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