Bank transfer issues

  • 4 August 2022
  • 2 replies

Hi there,


My bank transfers were going through fine, then suddenly they stopped and I am getting emails saying they don’t have enough bank info!


I reply each time asking them what else they could possibly need, but they never reply. I have given them everything and can’t work out why there would suddenly be a problem - and what the problem would be. Has anybody else experienced this and what did they do?

2 replies

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@Alice Evans it looks like you need to re-submit some information in order for transfers to continue. This is totally normal and our customer care team will be able to help you out with the next steps. I just sent a request over to them to get in touch with you so please be on the lookout for their response! 

Oh wow! thank you! 


Was fretting about this for the last few days - didin’t except such a fast response. Will look out for it. Really appreciate it!

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